New MLS Stadia.. why not the CFL?

From a thread on the new BMO Stadium...

My question:
Why is it that MLS clubs can build state of the art stadia to fit the needs of its market instead of sharing oversized football venues when CFL clubs are relegated to antiquated stadia (Ivor Wynne, Molson, Taylor Field, Frank Clair) or stadia much too large to establish a high market demand, intimate atmoshphere and just too large for a regular season game (BC Place, Commonwealth, Rogers Center, Olympic Stadium) with no hope of building new?

I don't know anything about the economics of the MLS. Having said that, would someone explain to me how they are able to get their clubs into properly sized venues with the amenities required of a 21st century pro sports team while the Tiger-Cats visiting team is using a urine smelling locker room designed for public recreation?

Most of those stadiums were probably built using taxpayer money. Governments can waste billions on gun registies, the HRDC scandal, Adscam, and various other things, while still maintaining a great deal of support. However, if anyone suggests building a stadium, unless it involves some event few care about like the Commonwealth Games, it is immediately publicly ridiculed.

With this kind of money flowing into the economy of a GC city(not to mention construction and related spin off jobs that will stay for a life time), agree why wouldn't a Quebec City and Halifax want to get into the mix and get loans from all levels of government to build stadiums?

I assume it's just politics.

Many of these cities have immigrants that no doubt came from places where soccer is king.

Politicians probably figure they can get more votes by using tax dollars to build soccer stadiums.

The same politicians probably don't want to use tax dollars to build CFL stadiums because they figure they will lose votes.

That's my guess anyway.

c-way dude, you had me right up til you dissed the Commonwealth Games.

The Cwealth Games are awesome! And, the economic benefit of hosting these games is is excellent. And, remember we have the Commonwealth Games to thank for a prospective new stadium in Halifax not to mention Edmonton's stadium.