New Mini-Helmets

Maybe someone here works for one of the CFL teams stores. If you do, can you answer this question. With 3 teams having new helmets, will new Riddell mini-helmets coming out too? I set the helmets out based on who's playing who that week and it doesn't feel right when the helmets aren't accurate.

I'm hooked on mini-helmets :slight_smile: I love 'em ... I've got all 9 current helmets (well, current as of last year I guess), plus the CFL helment, plus 2 Grey Cup helmets (2000 and 2002 - the games I've been to), plus the retro Stamps helmet, the retro Riders helmet, and the Ottawa Rough Riders last helmet.

Hopefully the Stamp's store will have the new ones soon ... I really like the new helmets coming out and I want to add to my collection :wink:

Are you talking about the HELMETS that fit on your hand or the mini , mini ones that come in a set of 9?.........I love those. :smiley:

I'm talking the one's that can fit on your hand. CanucKev. You mentioned the Stamps store, have you been lately? I was in on Friday to pick up my season's tickets. Did you see those CFL "hockey jerseys?" Pretty crazy.

THANKS :smiley:

Fit in your hand ........those helmets could fit over your fist.....the other ones are are about 1 3rd the size and come as a set of 9. :smiley:

Are you talking about the HELMETS that fit on your hand or the mini , mini ones that come in a set of 9?.........I love those.
The ones that you can fit onto your fist ... I think they're 3/8 size (I love how they have an accurate size sticker!). Personally I'm not too crazy about the "micro" helmets (the set of 9) ... too small, I guess :?

Yeah, I was in there when I picked up my season's, about a week ago I guess. Saw those hockey jerseys ... those things are weird! But I'm tempted, just because they're hockey jerseys ... I love those as much as mini-helmets. I've got a few of them, too - Seattle Metropolitans, Montreal Maroons, Quebec Nordiques, Toronto St Pats, Team Canada ('98), Toronto Maple Leafs, and ... oh, which is that other one, I remember wearing it every other day last year at this time ... oh, right, the Flames :wink: (actually, at this precise time it was every day!)

In terms of mini-helmets, what I'd really like to get is a Baltimore Stallions helmet. Even if I ignore the whole "defunct American team" factor, those were really nice helmets.

ive got 6 of last years mini helmets, but im curious to know which teams have new helmets. TOR, WIN and HAM?

BC is going back to a white one.


No, more cream colored. :smiley:

hi ,
Does anyone know where I can find the b.c. lions pocket size team helmet set. These are four helmets about 2 inches in size that riddell put out in 2003 honoring the lions 50 years in the cfl. I am a collector and trying to find a set. thanks

I am a collector also, but unfortunately here in Toronto all we have is the Argos and no visiting teams.
I am currently looking for the BC Lions paw version, does anyone know where I could buy one from?

I assume that you are in the GVRD. If so, try the "Collectors Den" - one at Metrotown and another at Lansdowne Mall.

I am positive that they don't carry it but the owner is willing to order just about anything [even if your team is not the Lions or 'Nucks]

No guarantee that he'll be able to find it, but worth a try.

thank you for the info. actually I live in newbrunswick, but there is a store on ebay that I will inquire.

I have the whole Lions history of mini helmets from here :thup:

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