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Good evening all from Orangeville, Ontario (Up north!) Originally from England but i moved to Canada in 2004.

Been a ti-cats fan for a few years now, and finally decided to join up. Unfortunatly no other Hamilton fans up here....but theres no Argos fans either so its all good :lol:

my email is would love to chat to some over ti cats fans, hoping to get to Ivor Wynee a few times this year

Welcome Sammy,
You'll really enjoy Ivor Wynne and all the great fans.

good on ya Sammy. you don't have to look far to find TiCat fans in the hinterland.
We're not too far from you in Acton

Welcome to Canada, and welcome to Ticat country.

BUT, where did you get that reference to "up north"?
To those of us who live hours north of Toronto and Hamilton, "up north" is our territory. We are used to southerners thinking of "up north" as anything north of Hwy.7. But, if you keep this up, next you'll be believing that Southern Ontario is the centre of the universe. We know better. Mend your ways before it's too late.

well, its up north of Hamilton and Toronto....

Next time your in orangeville see if you can see someone in a Ti Cats jersey and give me a beep 8)

Welcome aboard!

Oski Wee Wee,