New Member!!!

Hi every one. I'm a new member to this site and looking forward to adding input to the topics.

"Go Cats Go"

G'day mate, I'm Kanga-Kucha! the resident idiot of the site, nice to meet you!

Back at ya "KK"

...welcome is that the season is over....seems to be more political than normal....the election game has kind of replaced the one on the field....but'll get better... :wink:

Your telling me. Boy i hate the off season.

Greetings and salutations from an american, obsessed, CFL fan in Ohio! Good to have you aboard, I am one of many moderators on this site responsible for keeping this family friendly.

I stand for absolutely no profanity,vulgarity,obscenity,indecency or references to animals!! :wink:

BUT!!!.....if you buy me a MolsonXXX I might let a few of those things slide :roll:

Anyway glad to have you aboard the BEST CFL site you could come across.


Pay no attention to geo.....he's not been aboard the mod squad long enough to accept bribes.....I strongly suggest you send your payments via registered mail to myself.....PM me for mailing information.....and welcome aboard!

I see how it is jm02 you want the MolsonXXX all to yourself don't you?? :wink:

Hey, a gal's gotta get it somewhere.....the beer, I mean.....

I hear ya!! :wink:

Ok Hamilton
You are new here so you are still trainable
You do not have to quote the previous message to reply to it. :wink:
welcome aboard

Hey now...just saving valuable space. (See how that works? didn't have to have a seperate reply, just quoted the previous one...he,he. :wink:


LOL!! Nothing ticks off 1313 more than useless quoting…wait, I take that back…nothing ticks off 1313 more than a Conservative question-evader who quotes uselessly…good thing that’s not me 8)

Now you guys are just being mean :cry:

Actually its a question invader of any nature

C'mon now ro...CFL fans don't cry. (unless their team wins the Cup) But even hide those tears behind your warm fleece lined mitten! :lol:

Pffftt, geo.....he's just cheesed off because he's being done in by a chick and an American..... :smiley:

Good lord!!! if that was an "american chick" :lol: he'd have to change his briefs

only chicks wear mittens
and apparently Americans