New member to CFL forum **introduce myself**

I welcome myself to CFL forums and hope I get to know some of you well, and we can take issue on the CFL daily stories.

CJOB is my place, so I get to know some of the CFL officials well. I look forward to the offseason and me helping this forum best as possible.

---questions I have----

How does one read the newspaper articles located near the member signin?

What kind of daily CFL reports do members receive?

G'day Mate! welcome to the CFL forum!

I get the stuff they post on the homepage every day and from D god, the unofficail CFL paper boy.

I don't understand your frist question.


i suppose i have become a paper boy to this forum...good

I mean that in a good way D god, and BTW, Good Job! and keep up the good work!

Welcome Touchdown.

Here is the answer to the first question. you can't, without getting the actual paper, or signing up to their websites or something along those lines. They are just headlines, but the website is not allowed to show the actual stories, unless express permission is given.

And as for reprts, we get the CFL insider that for some reason always comes after the games are played, yet still displayes the date they should have been sent. Me thinks the computer or server that sends out the insider has a wrong date in there. Also its not all that good.