New mayor and city council...

...what does it mean for the Lansdowne project?

I’m no expert on Ottawa politics, but hopefully a finalized agreement and shovels in the ground. Following all the links on the CFL forums, I get the impression that even if the Hunt Group wasn’t trying to bring CFL football back, this kinda of revitalization project was sorely needed at Lansdowne Park. I hope they can agree on a final stadium design with a bit more permanent seating than 24k though… 25k general seating should be minimum with the boxes/club seating tacked on.

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After reading this editorial it seems nothing much has changed since the Marion Dewar days. I love Ottawa, but it sure is a frustrating place on many levels.

I think it's pretty great.

Of the nine councillors who voted against the proposal in June (and the previous November), seven lost their seat for a variety of reasons (out-voted, retirement, etc). Several were replaced by people in favour based on interviews done earlier in the year.

Clive Doucet is gone and his replacement is a gentleman who would prefer a new "transparent" process but is willing to work to improve the current one.

Among incumbents in favour, we lost one an replaced him with someone else in favour.

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Happy to, believe me.

There's another aspect that was cleared up last night; opponents claimed that if we had less than 75% of council return, it would be considered "lame duck" and would not be able to make major decisions, including voting on Lansdowne issues for a while. Once again, they omitted some details and appear to be wrong.

Ottawa Sun:

The current “lame duck? city council can vote on the site plan for the Lansdowne Park redevelopment.

In a memo sent to council members Tuesday, city solicitor and clerk Rick O’Connor said the legal services department has determined the current council can decide on the site plan.

Council is expected to debate and vote on the site plan on Nov. 24.

When fewer than 18 council members were re-elected Monday night council became “lame duck.? According to the Municipal Act, if the number of council members re-elected is less than 75%, council must operate under tight restrictions until the next council takes over.

Only 13 council members out of 24 are returning.

A lame duck council can only authorize new spending or sell land under a $50,000 threshold.

O’Connor told councillors they have already approved the costs associated with the Lansdowne redevelopment, so next month’s vote can proceed.

I think there have been very positive changes, but until this new group gets down to work there is always some concern. Once Watson (the new mayor for those that don't know, and a former McGuinty yes man) looks at the books and states that the City is in worse shape than he thought, anything could happen. Clive Doucet's replacement wants to re-open the Lansdowne deal, but with the strength of the new people that are for going ahead, he will get shouted down.

I guess we'll have to wait and see how things go, hopefully they'll get going quickly on the re-build, but it is still Ottawa, and nothing gets done in a hurry here.