New Masoli thread

For all of his defenders, this game is the perfect example of what we have seen for SEVEN YEARS.

He should have been cemented to the bench for the second half, but apparently Stein is a 'stan, and lacks the testicular fortitude to make a game-changing decision.

A QB change would hardly have been worse.


For the record .....I was one of those posters that defended keeping Collaros over
Masoli. But most posters disagreed back then.


Not I.

Masoli will be the starter for years to come. This management is indescribably dumb. He had all the time in the world today. Yes.. there were 2 dropped balls that didn’t help. But there should e been another 2 Argo INTs and Masoli missed WIDE OPEN receivers all night. With the way our O Line played we should’ve won.


Expect to see Evans on another team soon…

I hope not…. It’s time to make this Evans team


My wife, who is a great football fan and has some wonderful insights always asks me why Masoli can't seem to make accurate passes.
Why does it always seem that receivers HAVE to leave their feet in order to make a reception? I know he CAN throw accurate passes (he hit White or Dunbar perfectly last week), but they are few and far between...

Masoli - Poor throwing mechanics plus poor decisions.


Teams have won championships without a stellar QB in the past...Darian Durrant Comes to mind; but those teams were loaded at every position; Cats don't have the QB to overcome other team weaknesses; and the rest of the team is not complete enough to overcome Masoli's underperformance.
So yes this team is done like dinner.

Next year Evans will be the starter....but he had a much better team in 2019 than the 2021 version.

I’d like to think so, but no guarantee Dane signs here next year. Team signed Masoli to consecutive one year contracts rather than going all in with Evans after 2019. If the team rides out this year with Masoli and I think they will barring injury, a lot could depend on the playoffs - a quick semi- final exit would make it a hard sell to move forward with Masoli. Either guy could be attractive in the open market and who knows, maybe we lose both??

No matter what though, you are correct the team around them definitely needs upgrading. O-line, kicking, return game. This has the feel of a lost year - team seems to be tight on finances in a way we haven’t seen since Bob Young took over. Hope it’s a one off.

Stein does grin slot when his team is being destroyed.

Evans is under contract for next year, he signed a 3 year deal in 2019.

I don’t believe finances have anything to do with this team’s ability to recruit or attract talent. I think it’s likhely our management and how to effectively manage player salaries and the ability to actually find replacements. I find it hard to believe that ,for example , Rhienbold hasn’t forgotten how to evaluate kickers. He can’t go out and find replacements, it’s the co-GM’s job.

No, he’s not. The missed season counts as a year.
Both are free agents.

Cats are playing with fire here.


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