New man on campus

After tonight's amazing game, I think Fred Stamps officially passed Kamau Peterson as the number one receiver. That guy had a hell of a game tonight. And Tristan Jackson also deserves credit for setting that drive up.

...Stamps has always had the stuff, I think we just saw it come alive tonight...Great Game Eskimo fans!...that was a duesy...

stamps has become the "clutch play" guy awesome receiver great game :slight_smile:

That was an exciting game to watch last night......Kudo's to Ray and Burris for putting on a "aerial" show.

Man did they ever. That was a thing of beauty to behold.

Full Kudos to both teams ! that game was amazing just think we have 2 more to go! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:
Nothing and I mean Nothing is better then the Battle of Alberta!

Stamps runs awesome paterns, kind of reminds me of Brian Kelly, great moves, not blinding speed, great hands.

With Ray, you never know which is the go to guy on a given night. One night Mann, one night Stamps. Kamau will have his day in the sun.

Is Ray the best QB ever to wear the Green and Gold ? Moon and Ray are tops but I cant decide on who , maybe moon as he had those 5 cups in a row. but I cant remember him being as fun to watch as Ricky.

Sorry Oiler strictly on skill I would definitely say Moon my favourite Esk QB of all time was Wilkenson, Not the strongest arm but the smartest QB I have ever seen. I personally believe he is the reason Moon made such good decisions.

Before the real Eskimo old time fans start on me I have only been watching the Esks since 72.

Wilky was good but was slow and didn't have a strong arm . I remember he showed up at one of our Kids camp and had to stop in mid sentence to put a fresh wad of chewing Tobacco in his mouth . I think we were all about 7 years old , i went home and broke up a few of my dads cigeretts and put them in my mouth , didn't last long till I was gaging and spitting them out behind my Garage.

I saw him last year at Carpet World and he was still chewing. :lol:

That's way to funny :lol: :lol: :lol: well give him credit for sticking with it.

As good as Ricky Ray is, he has a ways to go to pass Moon!

But Moon was One of many stars on that team , I dont think the Esks had any weak spots on that team .

Well he has beat some of his single season and career records, but I agree. Ray's professional football career will never be able to compare to Moon's football career simply because Moon played phenomenally in TWO different professional leagues, being enshrined in the hall of fame in both of them. If Ray wins another 3 or 4 Grey Cups before he retires(which could be a possibility seeing as he is only 29 and hasn't missed any games except for his one shoulder injury in '07), you could have a fairly legitimate comparision and argument in terms of their CFL careers.

I will agree with you their but I was only comparing Moons time with the Esks. to be honest I never was thinking about his NFL career.

I was just looking at the stats, and Stamps is the first receiver to hit 1,000 yards this season. Congrats to him. :smiley:

Maurice Mann is the next Eskimo on the list with 848 yards. Hopefully he can join Stamps. He'll need 38 yards/game to hit the mark.

Esk's made a roster move; release DB Bobby Keyes and add LB Josh bean. Any thoughts Chief?

Just saw the story on the Edmonton site. TSN still doesn't have it up. Guess it's not big news... Anyway, I'll reserve judgment on Bean for now, but I'm glad they dumped Keyes. I doubt he'll be missed.

Bobby Keyes didnt do a damn thing other than let most of his receivers catch balls...
He will soon be forgotten by everyone
I doubt Bean will even see playing time though