New Low For Reality T.V.

Bayleigh Amethyst Dayton, a self proclaimed (near) genius, got pregnant while on Big Brother 20 (USA). The father is Christopher Jordan Williams - who nicknamed himself "Swaggy C".

He was evicted after week 3 - he moves quick considering they'd just met 23 days earlier. Smoooooooooth!!!!

She is (likely) being evicted on Thursday.

Her parents must be VERY proud. ::slight_smile:

Who watches this crap?? I mean most "Reality" shows are just cheaply made melodramas with bad wannabe actors!!!

Me. :wink:

Oops, sorry! :-[ :wink:


That explains it..

football is as real as it gets :slight_smile:

or maybe change it to lets play mess with the refs

...what are you sorry about, it is crap...

I LOVE Big Brother. :slight_smile:

I didn't have a sarcasm emoji!

Kevin, you gotta get out more.

shouldn't every brother love his brother?

The show is soooo much fun. :slight_smile:

NO ! and the clowns on that show are not my brothers and the bimbos are not my sistas.

Kevin needs to get out more.


More craziness in the house...

She screamed so much she lost a tooth.

I LOVE this show and the CFL should have aligned themselves with Big Brother Canada years ago - like I suggested. :slight_smile:

^^Please see the bloody teeth.^^

please tell me you are not serious about the CFL

Dead serious. The NFL aligned itself with BBUSA and the CFL should have done the same with BBCanada.

The Blue Jays should sponsor it…

Then Kevin would be all I Love the Jays now