New-Look Zebras!!!

Apparently, our refs are gonna' be sporting this new look this year!

[url=] ... 46ahn0.jpg[/url]

Wow! A CFL that's interested in a good image in ALL aspects of the game!

Now, if we can only get rid of the cars and John Deere yard tractors and wooden skids on the sidelines... we may actually look good on TV!

Too bad only Edmonton has real grass ..
The Uniforms are way to white..
Grass Stain Heaven.

They kinda look more like NFL for some reason, the stripes wider maybe?

I hope they hand out glasses with the new uniforms.

An Argo-Cat fan

And the rule book.

LOL I was hoping the same thing.

A rulebook, what's that?

And explain to them what calling a fair game truly means…

a zebra is a zebra is a zebra.

I was hoping they would become spotted leopards or escaped convicts.

Is the CFL gonna hire Ref's to ref the refs?? A K-Car is still a K-Car even with a new coat of paint!!