New Look Team Site...

Pretty cool looking what are your thoughts...?

I like it .. WOW

See who Story is Posted :slight_smile:

Nice!! Was getting jealous of BC and TOR's new websites. :wink:

The "lead" headlines or stories posted whey you sign on, don't give you enough time to even read them.

I have to say the Tiger Town Video was amazing! perfect song for the video as well. Very well put together!

Great Story, Tom.

Ya King something Special
I was very Proud to meet the Man..

Wow. Site is amazing. Lot's of glitches, broken links, fan forum and a few other things flip back to the old site, but all and all, I love it. I like the yellow background over the black. The CFL needs to revamp their old site now too. The team sites are making them look cheap.

I agree. The Tigertown video is awesome! Even better than the CFL Video. Kudos to the team that put that together. I want a copy as a keep sake.

And I love the Tigertown story as well. King Clancy. That must have been amazing. Looking forward to reading more.

A big win, a new site ... awesome.

The new design is an improvement in a lot of ways, but a few tweaks could make it even better:

  1. Slow down the headline slideshow at the top, and add a "stop" or "pause" button so those of us who want it to stop can stop it.

  2. Section headings (e.g. Ticket Central) should be justified to the left rather than to the center. The current design, especially with high contrast orange on dark gray creates a confusing "checkerboard" effect that encourages a reader's eyes to jump uncomfortably around the page. Further: consider a background color for section headings that is not used in any other part of the design, this would make it easier to quickly identify the sections. Currently the section heading text is in a box with a background which matches the overall page background. That box is in turn placed within a header which is orange. Maybe this was an artistic decision to try and create a "tiger stripe" visual effect, but makes it hard to interpret the organization of the page at a glance.

I do think the new design makes much better use of the "above the fold" space on the page compared to the old design.

This is definitely a step in the right direction.

I look forward to seeing how the design plays out over the next little while.

Just wanted to make a quick note about the news items on the homepage rotating too fast. If you click on one of the numbers (1-7) it will switch to that article and stop so you can read it.

Glad everyone likes the new site, and as to the old links, we are in the process of changing things over, so just give it a bit of time. We do have a new forum that we're working on putting in place, but that takes a bit more time.


Very nice player profiles. :thup:

Maybe its just my p.c but mine keeps going back and forth between the new and old site. It took me awhile to get on the forums.
It did seem really nice before it kept going back to old site.

Same here.

I usually just do the forums so it doesn't affect me. Just changed my bookmark, that's all.

Love the new site !! Team looks great…site looks great… Can’t wait until the game on Saturday

Logging on to this forum now takes me back to the old www web site, not the new www1.

Be careful fiddling with the best forum in the CFL..... we complain loudly, bur we love our ticats

Oskee wee wee

The format for the forums section has not been redone yet. It will continue to look like the old forums until that update is made.



I think the format changed already. A whole lot less complaining going on.

Sweet new site. What do you guys think ?

Very cool. I love the kick-off count down on the first page. It makes it really obvious when the next game is and who the opponent is. It's also really easy to toggle through the games coming up on the schedule. My only beef. It doesn't clearly indicate if the game is at home or on the road.