New Look in Montréal

Maybe Skalbania is available? ;D

Maybe the league should change its constitution to allow it, through the Board of Governors, to have an approval process over all ownership changes.

Same result as the proposed three way change currently being considered, but would avoid the possibility of having to run a team for some period of time.

Maybe the Lapointe group can’t satisfy Wettenhalls demands or doesn’t have the money up front. League likes the ownership group, pays Wettenhall what he wants and Lapointe works something out with the league for payment.

If Montreal goes under, and Winnipeg reverts to the Eastern Division, IMO the best Hamilton, Ottawa, or Toronto can finish is second place.

This looks to be a promising year for the Cats. Being selfish, but I want Montreal to get their act together!

A report that the CFL might sell the Alouettes to a group headed by the son of the man who started the Expos and the Concordes in Montreal:

Glad to see Stephen Bronfamn putting the family fortune to good use.

A lot better than his cousins Sara and Clare.

Just a few hours later, this tweet from Herb Zurkowsky, in Montreal:

4h4 hours ago

Daniel Granger, an associate of Stephen Bronfman’s, just called me and has denied there’s any interest on Bronfman’s behalf to purchase #AlsMTL
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This has become a real joke. Ambrosie is looking like a fool. CFL 2.0, no bargaining for two weeks and Montreal in crisis for way too long.