New Look in Montréal

Just watched the unveiling of the Alouettes’ new logo and uniforms. Basically, it was all leaked, correctly, back in November:

Much to the relief, I’m sure, of CFL broadcasters and fans in the stands they’ve changed, what was leaked, only in that they have chosen to go with white numbers, trimmed in red, on those dark blue uniforms. Everything else with the logo and uniforms is unchanged. All dark blue at home and all white on the road. The dark blue helmets all the time, with the unusual positioning of the red logo, to be viewed only from above. Viewing the helmet from the side, it’s unclear what you’re looking at.
Both uniforms have a fairly wide red stripe on top of the shoulders and down the sides of the pants.
The numbers on the away uniforms are dark blue.

The old Als’ unis were rather unique. The new ones, IMO, are quite unimpressive.

That logo is lame

I like the new logo better than the old one.

Improvement on past unis and logo which were highschool.

Pure garbage uniform. The Calvillo 2010 era unis were the sharpest looking ones.
Im not a fan in the slightest of the minimalist look and this logo looks like it was picked off of some generic business logo website

I agree. The Calvillo era lark looked menacing and badass. The new one looks like a dove that was lifted from a religious pamphlet.

So, Johnny got the flu again, Hmmmm

Herb Zurkowsky@HerbZurkowsky1

QB @JManziel2 is not at the #AlsMTL launch. Apparently he has the flu although he is in the city

3:28 PM - Feb 1, 2019

26oz flu??

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Thank God you get it. Let him go …please…

One thing I love about the uniforms is they don’t look anything like the Houston Texans…

There may be more new in Montreal, than we anticipated. Rumours, today, that a member of our last Hamilton Grey Cup Championship team is fronting a group of investors who might buy the Alouettes:

Interesting, let’s see how this plays out.

3 Grey Cups since the year 2000 ::slight_smile: ::)…I like how the author paints a bleak picture.

“Early in Wetenhall’s tenure, the Alouettes were a CFL powerhouse. From 1999 to 2012, the Alouettes finished atop the East Division nine times and advanced to the Grey Cup on eight occasions, winning three.
But Montreal hasn’t been to the Grey Cup since winning it in 2010. Montreal has posted just three seasons of .500 or better three times since then. The Alouettes have been to the playoffs just three times since their last CFL championship, most recently in 2014.”


squints at document

"Kavis?..Kavis REED comes with the team "?

"LOL…nice try, deal is off "

incredulous laughter


Someone remind me please, which team was it that beat them in all three of those playoff appearances? (2011, 2013, 2014)

Rumours and jokes aside, I’d hate to see us lose Montreal again, or to suffer another Lieberman style debacle. I’m hoping to see some stability, sooner rather than later. Maybe Tillman should be going to Montreal rather than Halifax?

This is an interesting Reed read:

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I don’t understand why sell to the league, then sell it again to someone else? Why not just sell to Lapoint?

Anyone have any ideas?

Perhaps the League would want due diligence done on the prospective new owners and avoid a Glieberman, Horn Chen, etc. situation.
If the League owned the team in the interim, they could pick the who and the when.