new look 'Gades?

not to drastic of a change, but goes to a more traditional football look, similar to the eskimos, while bearing a resemblance to the RR days.

what do people think?

Interesting ... I like the silver pants. Black and red with silver trim would look good ... but I'd prefer to see a black helmet (that's what they've used for as long as anyone can remember, save for one year in the mid 90's ... )

Looks to much like a college Uni for my taste

Here's my contribution ... I really like(d) the Renegades latest jerseys, and wanted to see how those would go with silver pants. So here's the red version, with white and "silver" numbers ...

And here's the black version, again, with white and sort-of silver ...

Personally, I think white pants would look best with the black jerseys, but I really like the stripes on the side of these pants shown here.[/img]

I like the Red Version better.

I have a more conservative approach, While I would go back to the "R" on the helmet and keep the Ottawa colours (black, red & white), I would keep the name Renegades... OK, call me old school....

The trim around the bottom of the jersey isn't exactly what I'd call conservative! Otherwise, I like it ...

well, it is actually called a checkerboard bottom and it was used by some football teams in the 60's, so in that sense it is conservative but modern :wink:

I would love to see Ottawa have a team again (for the third time) but reality tells me that you guys never supported them 2 times, what makes 3 so special? I say we try Halifax or QC as an alternative an dthen watch you all cry


Both Halifax and QC need a CFL size stadium before either could be taken seriously about CFL expansion.

Also, there are many advantages that Ottawa has over both of the cities you mention. The Ottawa area has a population that is larger than Halifax AND Quebec City combined. Ottawa also has a much higher per capita income. Ottawa already has the CFL size stadium, the largest minor football association in the country (actually, bigger than minor football in Halifax + Quebec times 2!), good CIS and college ball programs, the high school football in the area is very well developed. Ottawa has a long football AND CFL history and everything is in place for it to succeed.

Keep in mind that we did not lose the team the second time around, it was yanked out from under us. Despite sub-par teams and ownership, there was still an average of 18 000 per game. Imagine simply a decent team and ownership...

Fortunately, most of the "bad Ottawa fans" rhetoric has been showed for what it is... uninformed.

Ottawa has more population and income then Regina, does that mean the RoughRiders should go to Ottawa? (if you answered no then your correct because they shouldn't)

The Problem with the League is the lies that were given and the Glieberman effect.

Also for the Whole Quebec and Halifax needing stadium, Halifax is fixed on November 7th 2007(might be the 17th) the Stadium will Start being Built if they get the commonwealth games.

For Ottawa being bad fans, where was your Season Ticket Holder Support? The Bombers had Horrid Managment during the doomsday years(1996-1998) but still had a solid 7-8K in season ticket holders. Ottawa was Poorly Handled that is true, but still should have Drawn Better, Hamilton Draws better and they've hand a pretty bad team the past few years:
(4 season) 2003-2006 19-52-1 around .260(well below .500) and only one season at or above .500

Ottawa in 4 seasons had a record of 23-49-0-2 (2 OTL) .319%(.333% with the OTL's) a good bit better then Hamilton but Hamilton Draws pretty Well(240K Fans+ in 9 games) Averaging above 26K a game.
Why Didn't Ottawa do that? why was Ottawa losing Mass amounts of Cash(besides Horrid Managing which is a good reason)

With Good Managment Ottawa can work but I got a Question, where were the Renegade fans at Grey cup this Past year? That's why Blue&gold is insulting you. 10 teams had Floats in the Grey cup Parade and Guess who wasn't Represented... OTTAWA!

Halifax was Rocking, they are already a better CFL city then Ottawa. They had a Float in the Parade and had one of the better Party Venues at Grey cup, There was no Renegade Rival area but there was an Atlantic Schooners Region.

Guess who also was represented? That's right Baltimore, There was more Baltimore Fans then Renegade fans what does that Say? I actually saw Stallion Jerseys I don't think I saw a Single Renegade Jersey.

Winnipeg Saw Ottawa's support in the CFL and it's pretty low, you also just gave more reasons why Prairie fans should question your Support, you have more People and more Money, why can't you fly in for Grey cup, I mean Rider fans can and their Dirt Poor, Halifax can and their also comparitively Poor it seems, They also Put up money for huge Parties those two low income Provinces.

Quebec Fans came too, with Als Jerseys on. Support From Ontario doesn't seem to be there, Hamilton gets decent Support, Toronto Fans are Rarely Argo fans it seems(or they refuse to show it in public)

Fornutaly most of the "bad Ottawa Fans" Rhetoric Rhetoric has been shown for what it is... uniformed.

The CFL will go Halifax and go: "Hey they like Football"
The CFL will go to Quebec and watch as Laval Insanity goes Pro
The CFL will then move any expansion Plans to the Northern States for 2 more Teams if they decide on it and Avoid Ontario Failures.(or they better dangit)

I will repeat once more, the first condition to be considered for a CFL team is to have a CFL size stadium. This means having a stadium that you can sit 25 000 or more (Montreal being a notable exception, but they can compensate by playing a game or two in the 50 000+ stadium and they are expanding their stadium to near CFL standards in the near future). Halifax and Quebec City have no such stadium. Right off the bat, Halifax and Quebec city should not be considered until there is a planned stadium (if Halifax gets the commonwealht games, this could happen there).
So let’s not bring up Halifax or Quebec city until a stadium comes up. I am not questionning if they could attract enough fans (they would if done well), but where would they play? It costs millions to build a stadium.

The Regina comparison is irrelevant. Nobody wants to take the team from Regina. My argument was that from a logical standpoint, if you want to expand, you go to the city with the largest population and the largest per capita income. Ottawa wins easily. On the football side, Ottawa-Gatineau has more football programs and players than both Halifax and Quebec city combined.

For the Grey cup arguments, it is a baseless argument. You get your franchise pulled at the last minute and are expected to show up at the party? Be serious. I am still upset at the CFL for the entire situation. But it has nevertheless the best game on this planet.

Your strongest argument was with the season ticket base. And I agree with you that Ottawa had a very low season ticket base. But from experience, there are things that you should know about the Ottawa situation. Getting season tickets for the Renegades was an accomplishment. I had to make 24 phone calls to the Ottawa office (left a message every time), make over 20 emails, show up in person twice (got turned away!!), and finally got my hands on a pair of season tickets. A friend of mine tried for two months, and his wife finally convinced him that a plasma TV might be a better investment.

And if you did get season tickets, you had to be nuts. Because the marketing was done that if you bought your tickets early you usually ended up paying more than everyone else. Imagine the guy spending 600$ for one season ticket, only to find out that all the people around him at the game paid only 100$ with a new last minute promotion. Talk about turning off you hard core fan base. The motto “buy your season tickets early, pay more than everyone? comes to mind. Yet close to 3000 people were still “dumb? enough to do so (includes me). Add also the fact that you paid for a fairly expensive parking pass for the season and periodically (specially if you showed up less than 30 mins before a game) you were frequently out of luck, as the parking was full and even though you paid for a pass you could not use it or park at the stadium. You then had to drive around town to try to park where you would not get ticketed and/or towed, and sometimes you needed a cab ride to make it back to the stadium as you parked 15-20 mins away. Add to this that there was usually only one both that sold tickets on game day, and unless you get there 45 mins before a game, you were probably going to miss almost a quarter of the game standing in line waiting to pay for tickets at the only available booth.

What Ottawa fans are asking is simply a decent team and decent ownership. We haven’t had that in decades. The CFL will have to win back some fans, but Ottawa has the football background to make this work. The football people are here (CIS football, Quebec AA college ball, a really well developed high school program, the largest minor football association in the entire country…), all you need is to make the CFL friendly to them.

And the CFL size stadium is waiting…

I seem to remember that when the Glieberidiots DID do that one-day $100 season ticket promotion, they sold A LOT. So obviously there are plenty of fans in Ottawa.

The fact that the Rough Riders survived about 20 years of crappy football teams, the last 10 or so of which included crap ownership, is a testament to their fan support. The fact that attendance was pretty good for the Renegades, considering they never had great ownership either, is another testament to fan supprt. And considering that even with the Glieberidiots running the show, attendance was higher than it was for the Ti-Cats and Argos only a few years ago ... The fans are there, they just need GOOD OWNERSHIP to bring them back. Every team's fans drop off when they get a crappy owner - Calgary, Hamilton, Toronto, and BC all come to mind.

Yeah, now. Check out their attendance in 2003 or so. Check out Toronto's. Then look at when each team had last won a Grey Cup.

Now look at Ottawa's attendance during the Renegade years. And look at when they last had a Grey Cup. 1976.

It took Hamilton and Toronto a decade or less to reach attendance levels worse than Ottawa, and Ottawa's drought is three times as long!

Comparing Ottawa to Hamilton in 2005 or 2006 makes no sense. Ti-Cats fans had been through the worst of it and had reason to feel confident going into those seasons. They had an owner willing to spend and cater to fans, and a coach that had already won some acclaim locally. We had the friggin' Gliebermans, owners that had screwed us in the past, and a coach that we all thought we were finally rid of. But no, he gets a promotion to GM as well. Not exactly the same thing, is it?

I love the whole "you guys didn't support the two previous teams" thing too. The Riders had only been around since what? 1876? There must have a been a certain degree of support there, no? But you know, a couple of decades of crap wears on people after a while.

People gave the Renegades a chance at first but they (the 'Gades) showed themselves to be no better.

A fellow fan on 13thman calculated that Ottawa teams averaged about 5 wins a year from the 80's on. You're dreaming if you think any other team would not suffer greatly attendance-wise throughout that kind of streak. Not too distant history in the above-mentioned markets will prove that.

I believe BC and winnipeg had their dips in attendance too, and their droughts were nowhere near that long or severe. I'd love to have seen the Reimboldt "era" last 20 years, just to see what great support the bombers would generate.

Some fans of other teams are quick to judge the Ottawa market, but they've never been in the same situation. And if they've been in something similar, they haven't been in it anywhere near as long.

This guy saw them:

Makes reference to an Ottawa Caravan party, being held by a group of diehard Ottawa fans.

FandesRens ,Barnes is right.

I was working the shows in Winnipeg last Grey Cup and in 4 days I saw only 2 ottawa fans.

Was Ottawa mis-mannaged? Still no excuse for lack of fan support!
Did Ottawa have a horrible record? Still no excuse for lack of fan support!
Did Frank Clair stadium have problems? Still no excuse for lack of fan support!
Was parking the shits? Still no excuse for lack of fan support!
Did everyone hate the gliebermans? Still no excuse for lack of fan support!

If you want a team to stay in Ottawa then support them.
I attend games in both Winnipeg and Regina.
If I can drive 5 hours to regina to watch games then what is so hard about watching a game in Ottawa?
I hate Winnipeg Stadium with a passion, but I still attend games in Winnipeg.

Your points may have merrit, but right or wrong, it is no excuse to not support your team.

You're preaching to the choir, that's the problem. The only people who ever see those comments are those that DID support the team like, well, FDR and myself.

You're also missing the point. FDR was stating that the team did have solid support in spite of what they'd been put through. Better support than Toronto and Hamilton had when they hit a trouble spot, even though fans of those teams didn't go through half of what Ottawa fans have.

What were Montreal crowds like in the Big Owe again? Right.

Yet you don't hear about lack of support for those fans, or how there's never any excuse for not attending. That's because, imagine that, they have the occasional winning period and crowds come up again. But Ottawa hasn't had that in 25 years.

This is why it's frustrating to hear comments like that. EVERY group of fans is the same; more people show up to be involved with a winner. Ottawa's no different, but it also shouldn't be kicked in the nuts for it.

you make a valid point CRF but also keep in mind that Regina had several decades filled with loss after loss and they still remain a below .500 team year after year but they have the greatest fans in the CFL and I am proud to be one of them.

It is great that you guys did support your team in Ottawa.
If Ottawa does get a team going again, I will come visit and watch a game or two.

By all means. We can use the help. :wink: When, Toronto and Hamilton struggled, I went to watch the 'gades there. To me, it's just part of being a CFL fan. I don't think there's any other group of fans out there that is as connected throughout their league.

As far as Rider records go though...I don't know man. The standings page on includes the various team records. So I looked up Saskatchewan for every five years starting in 1950.

1950: 7-7
1955: 10-6
1960: 2-12-2
1965: 8-7-1
1970: 14-2 (!!)
1975: 10-5-1
1980: 2-14 (Oy. okay, that sucked)
1985: 5-11
1990: 9-9
1995: 6-12

So yeah, the late 70's/early 80's in particular seemed pretty crap. But there are winning records thrown in there, and I believe a Grey Cup (late 80's? early 90's?). So Saskatchewan fans haven't gone decades without some measure of success.

Let me put it this way: I turn 37 this summer and I've never seen an Ottawa team with a winning record. I guess I'll be at least 38 before getting another chance. :?

That, by the way, is not to take away from the support Saskatchewanians (lol) give their team. My point is, if you thought those years were bad, Ottawa's were worse.

I'm also not asking anyone to feel sorry for us poor Ottawa fans (well, except the league itself, since they seem to give us very little consideration) just to comment with the proper perspective.