new look field design in '07

this is how i'd like to see most CFL fields look in '07:

obviously sub the ticat logos for whatever team is hosting.

notice small CFL logos on the 20 yard lines ( i know i didnt put enough lines for a proper field, but u get the idea ).

i don't know if there would be enough space for all the advertisements currently on the field, but if not, maybe the CFL should scrap ads on the field altogether and put ads only on the padding that goes around the field.

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Well I bet that paint companies would love to see this!
Personally I think it would look great but with soccer lines on some fields apparently needed, and of course advertising, I doubt we'll see this, unfortunately.
Good idea drummer about ads around the field only.

I like the idea but unfortunately, the ads already take up the space. In Montreal, there are already ads on the padding, in front of the stands, and on the field. Not too mention all the cheesy promotions (Als fans who saw the POM or Energie Cardio dancers know what I am talking about). As nice as it would look, I am not sure that most CFL teams would be willing or even able to sacrifice sponsorship.

the BC lions don't have any ads on thier field during the it should work for them...

i added a lions-field to my original post....take a look.

maybe this is too obvious .. but, who cares how the fields are painted? girls and fruitcakes are my guess.

Teams can paint their fields however they want. I'm guessing drumming god, you are REALLY bored.


The riders are getting new turf this year. I believe its the same green as Calgary's and then the endzones will be darker green (Rider green) but I forget what they will say in the endzones.

On a side note I agree with statik

pretty much...

i've always said the CFL fields should look more pro and less like a billboard.

i got the idea after scrollin thu CFLnations many people say they want less ads on the field and more of a football look.

im just so bored now, that ive had time to design 4 fields so others can 'see' what i mean..haha

All that paint will kill the grass in Edmonton! LOL

Its a "non issue" for me. Just as long as the Dome stays "a float" I'll be happy!

Not bad, drumkit....mind you, field appearance means squat to me....I go to watch the game.....

hmm, take the adds the adds that generate the most revenue away... why?

Paint companies won't get anything as most fields are Painted frequently(Edmonton probably gets painted atleast a couple times a month)

The bombers put some of their main sponsors(the free press is one) and in return the bomber fans get free gameday programs to all games

I like it!! Send this idea to the teams!!!

Actually It's Not Unrealistic To Expect To See Less Advertisements In Upcoming Seasons. With The Increase Of CG Television Ads Such As The Dodge 1st & 10 Arrows On Field Ads Atually Take Space Away From Where Brodcasters Can Add Their Own Ads. The Real Advantage With Adding CG Ads Is That Advertisers Can Cycle Through Several Different Ads During A Game Thus Charging Less Per Company But Making More Overall.

U should be in marketing or promo ... drummer

first take the ads off the players.. then off the field.

Yeah yeah yeah lets take the ads off everything.
That way CFL will have no sponsership money.

If you think there will be less advertising as time goes on . . . you are wrong.

As we move further into the chapters of CFL Advertising will only become more of a distraction for fans.

How in this day and age does anybody realistically expect all sponsers to be pulled off the field? All logos to pulled off the Jerseys?

The ads on the field and jerseys arent overdone , IMO. If you want to see overkill on advertising, try watching the Spengler Cup tournament next time, and you will see why too much advertising can be a bad thing.

well before BC even dreams of doing theirs like that they need a decent turf that doesnt pull apart and look like 4x8 sheets of plywood from the air; it is disgusting. Calgary never will change theirs becuase it ais a multiuse facility belonging to U of C.
Lets face it; the CFL is finally a success and has some corporate sponsorship that is making it pay... why mess with that because of some aesthically pleasing artistic sentiments?

it depends on which stadium tho.

rogers center has so many field advertisments, u can barely see the green…lol

then BC and edmonton have no ads at all.