New Look Cats

Our offense is starting to look dangerous on paper. Brock, Armstead, Lumsden, and Chang. We may finnaly have the tools in place to make the run and gun work. The Argos may have to think twice about putting so many men in the box with all that speed and a QB who can stretch the field. Best pass I have seen all year was Chang to Brock. I love the direction we are headed and its only a matter of time before it all comes together. :thup:

Except they don't play the games on paper, they play them inside little TV screens.


Chang has’nt done anything in his CFL career…NOTHING yet. Maybe with time but as of now he is unproven…

He has credentials, don’t mess him up by making him out to be the next Casey Printers. Guys like that come around every decade or so. Armstead was a good aquisition but hasn’t done alot since his Renegade days. Brock is a fast receiver with hands of stone. The biggest weapon is Jesse but you can’t build a team around a RB in the pass happy CFL.

I know being 1-7 must be tough, but look at the positive, you have a great owner with deep pockets, the best stadium in the league, sooner or later a QB will develop and things will fall into place.

You guys are at the point of running Maas out of town, just like you did to Anthony Calvillo. We were patient with him, surrounded him with a great O-Line, receivers like Cahoon, Copeland et al, a great RB like Pringle and voila!!! a future hall of famer.

Chang may be the answer…hope so cause I love the ticat fans…but be cool…things will be OK!

als4ever Chang has not had a CFL career because we have patiently waited as Maas chalked up a 5-19 record as a starter. The time has come to see if Chang can play and I'm sure the receivers will all look a little better knowing they don't have to run crossing routes looking for lame duck pass behind them. Maas is not being run out of town he booked his own ticket.

DAm Right Bro Amen to that!

The best pass you saw all year was Chang to Ralph???

A 17 yard toss over the middle that he outran some defenders to the endzone????

Leo....start watching more games.

Best pass I have seen all year was Chang to Brock.

Sorry best pass I saw all year by a Hamilton QB. With Chang at QB I’m sure many more people will start watching more games.

That catch was made a lot deeper than 17 yards from scrimmage. I would say more like 30 yards. Ralph only had 30-40 YAC and it was a 71 yard play. Do the math..

ur saying that Brock caught that ball at mid-field? (well the 54 anyway)

in the game i was watching it was about a 35 yard pass to Brock and Brock ran about 35 yards to the endzone....(approximately)

LOL...who cares how far the ball was thrown, the point is that it got to the reciever while he was on the run which is more then I can say for most of the Maas throws.

Don't forget Chris Bauman...he's made some great grabs.

I wouldn't be surprised if he got us a few crucial yards and a TD on Labour Day!!!

Go've got the raw let's make a Tiger out of it!


you mention all the dangerous players but you fail to mention that the only reason they will be dangerous is with a solid o-line which we do not have.

I just love how people love to state what the Cat's are doing wrong even when members start a thread of what they're doing right.

We've got alot of weapons and the young O'line is coming along nicely.

YOu can either see what you don't have and wallow in it or see what you do have and keep striving to make your weak areas stronger.

The Cat's are doing this it does take time. Unfortunately, it's taking more time then we hoped, which is frustrating. Keep up the hard work boys you'll get it done on Labour Day.

Go Cats.

well it is what they are doing wrong that have made us 1-7

As a fan during Timmy Chang's career at Hawaii I want to let you know that he was a descent QB. Yes he broke a lot of records and all but he also threw plenty of interceptions and made some bad decisions. He was young then and learning how to be a QB. He's more mature now. He should be able to make better decisions, but he won't be flawless. He's filling a big time position that will take time for him to get comfortable in. Please be patient with him. When he's doing good great things happen. It's a new world for him. Given the right tools he should do well for your team. I hope the Ticats win big on Monday.

This seems to be the order of the day Jare.. a VERY common occurence