new look Bombers website***

has anyone looked at the new look bombers website?....looks real nice, with a cool video that loads up on the main if only all the other team sites got a cool make-over like this.

yeah, I huge upgrad for the old one, I'll miss the old White W logo though.

no question about it, Winnipeg is in fine shape and really to rock the league in 06!


now all they need is the new stadium to go with the nice new RBK jersey and new website.

They have a Cool website. All the need now is a winning team! :wink:

it's defineatly an improvement from the old site, I think this will attract a lot of people with the cool new design

Wow with that new website that tells me they are going to win the Grey Cup hands down no problemo!

...if you look deep into the website will find the truth....and that is.... the Grey Cup is definitely going to Winnipeg in 06.... :wink:


It does look better, the video is neat (makes me want to go to The Game even more ... it's enough to make me think, "maybe I should buy tickets" ... that's marketing for you. Listening Gliebermen?)

You are correct but it will not be won by Winnipeg! But again you never know it could be a blue moon!

working on that, and I think that the improments will show this year when we face off agaist Montreal in the GC. :wink:

DG, your right, we need a new stadium, but those RBK home jersies are just awful, rather see them play in their thrids 100% of the time, and/or with the thirs design I came up with.