New Logo

The Bombers will be unveiling the new logo and helmet at 11:00 a.m. CT on Tuesday. You can watch the press conference live at the Bombers website. Items with the new logo will be available at the Bomber store starting Tuesday as well.

Also, Swaggerville Inc. has unveiled this year's tee shirt line. Here's a link to a picture of the shirts and the email address to find out how to buy one:

I think the new helmet/logo looks awesome; brings back memories of 1965.

…Definitely a hit with me…Apparently someone did some checking and found out we haven’t won a Cup with the bolt on our helmets… It strikes me that this could be the change we’ve been looking for :thup:

Winnipeg had the old logo “W” in the 2007 Grey Cup in Toronto and lost.

Blue Bombers won the Fog Bowl over Hamilton in 1962 with the “W” Logo… :cowboy:
Winnipeg won in 1990 over Edmonton in a blow out with the “W” Logo…
tc23 - come on man :stuck_out_tongue:

As backer said, we’ve won quite a few more Cups with the ‘W’ than we have with the bolt… We should be adding a few more to our count shortly with the old logo… :lol: believe it…An interesting stat. i didn’t know, is that the Bombers have played in more Cup games than anyone else in the league and that Gerry James (former Bomber) has the most playoff appearances than any player in the league…ever…so there…Seems the ol W works fine :stuck_out_tongue: