New Logo!

Why don't you guys have something like this on the side of your helmets:

[url=] ... ombers.jpg[/url]


because ours is a great logo as is

I still think the Argos should go back to the football boat logo now that was a cool logo. Screw that fat criminal Mcnall and his NFL style A

Try the new hit, Bomber Fans! Just for fun:

[url=] ... ombers.jpg[/url]

I've always thought you should have a Lancaster Bomber as part of your logo...

What's with the lightning bolt? Winnipeg Chargers?

I think its fine the way it is, no complaints here.

Why change the logo? this one is good. i agree with you Slither.

The only thing I could do to our logo, is maybe make the "W" white like it used to be a few yars ago.

I didnt mind that.

Yeah maybe that. But i wouldnt do major changes to it. Its fine just the way it is.

why change the best logo in the leaghue?

True. it is a awesome logo.

Awesome dudes. the best logo ever :rockin:

You do great artwork, my compliments!
I love the Lancaster design!

Prior to adopting the block 'W' logo (1962-1994) the Blue Bombers helmet logo was a Lightning Bolt in the shape of 'W' (see 1961 Grey Cup if you get a chance). When the new (current) logo was created for the 1995 season it was described as being new while combining a bit of a retro look (the lightning bolt).

NOAH MADD think this shoulds be the Bombers NEW logo!

thats the bombers vintage logo. the original blue bomber logo. I know of about 7 logos that the bombers have had and or used.

Imagine! Ifs they retro jerseyed that old one. That woulds be so cools!

here are the logos used by the blue bombers in their history although i don;t recall a time the plane on the hat was ever used but river city sports has it and i have also seen it for a short while in the bomber store. If you ask me their is nothing wrong with any of these logos and i think our current one is a very good logo