New Logo

I think it is time for a new logo. It's not that I am sick of the current Rider's logo, but the same one has been used for what, 18-19 years now. There's something to be said about keeping with thwe same, such as the classic Montreal Canadiens jersey/logo, but a change for the first time in a generation wouldn't be such a bad idea either.

Go Riders!

Are you on crack? the rider's logo is fine.

Personally, I would like to seem them use the old logo.

Thats the only change i would allow... Unless it was REALLY good..

is reminded of the Vancouver Canucks logo going from a stick, to an ugly wtf ? , to a stupid something-er-other...

If they change it, they absolutely must stay with the Green and White theme. I can't stand when a team changes the logo, and then changes the colors as well.

I like the old logo best.

i wonder if they could make a design like my pic down below, u look at it 1 way and see the new logo, and as a reciever passes right by u it changes to the old logo :wink: :rockin:

Purple and pink would suit them do you not think! :lol: But now your team is playing much better leave it alone!

If they ever change the current logo, for me there's only one option I'd like to see.....

Yea the logo now is just fine look at the buffalo sabers new logos ther ugly just keep the same logo or go to the old one

Nah 05, Calgary would look better in pink , and the Stamps are closer to the pink colour than we are...

I thought Calgary already wore pink?

Anyway, I would definately favour bringing back the old logo as part of our third uniform
Even if incorporated into the all black look, which apparently the players really like, it would look sharp.

But obviously, Green and White are the colours of the Saskatchewan Roughriders!

Hopefully any move away from that would get more hostile fan reaction than changing the name of Taylor Field to some silly other name did....but I wouldn't put anything past Hopson if he found a corporate sponsor....

Rider's logo seems to be ok. At least it is not as good as the Mighty Ducks/Anaheim Ducks logo crest

The Riders logo is just fine, infact i think that it is one of the best logos in the league. And why would you change the logo, cause if it did happen it would be like losing some tradition, like when Taylor field was changed to Mosaic Stadium, how stupid was that!!!!!!!

Absolutely !

Bring back the original logo and burn the black pants and jersey's. I love the silver and green look but when I see those black pants it looks like they're all running around in their jammies!

Hate em...hate em....

Who's idea was it to bring in black uniform options anyway?

The black jerseys and pants are not only favourits of the players but fan favourites as well from what I have heard people say but who know.

Hell they are a good idea for the winter if its sunny it will keep them warmer.