New Logo for GC '07!


The artistic folks at the Wellington Street office have already come up with a "team-specific" logo for the game!

And this just hours after we know who's playin'!

That wouldn't have happened in 1982!

[url=] ... joBowl.jpg[/url]
:lol: Nice!

Very nice. :lol:

Cute. But IMHO it could use a little gold & green.

Excellent effort tho.

gold & green....why????the esks. aren't in it....should be Banjo Bowl 2...and Riders have to start their back-up....on second thought ....we've seen that guy before in the last Cup game we played....start Joseph... :lol:

Great effort but ya the colors need work...Bomber blue and Rider green is more appropriate as papa points out the Esks are Green and yellow/gold.