New locker room revealed

It looks pretty nice. :thup:

The new locker room should/will be inspirational as well Cheif. The players gathered outside the entrance of the dressing room where 13 Grey Cups surrounded a brass 'EE' logo under the words: "Through these doors pass the proudest players in the Canadian Football League... Edmonton Eskimos." For the record; Over 32 seasons the retired room had a pretty good record that ended up at 201-75-2 overall. Qoute from Maurice Lloyd about the new locker/dressing room; "I see a lot of guys who are going to be pretty damn motivated to add a 14th Grey Cup to that wall." Hope these two teams being the B.C. Lions and Edmonton Eskimos play a great game today that should have over 42,000 fans at Commonwealth. As for the Eskies/Lions, LETS PLAY SOME FOOTBALL.

I was watching a short clip on TSN, and the guys do seem to be jazzed up to start the season. :thup:

After watching the first game ,not sure if the team left the locker room . Right now I'm watching the game in reverse in hopes that it will be erased from my memory.