New Lions Jerseys used in Calgary/Lions game Aug 17

"That quality is probably not be lost on the Lions coaching staff, who could see an advantage in the opposition misreading the numbers as well. " Dooger

Interesting point Dooger. I wonder if it actually did confuse the opposition just a little in identifying the Lions players. I was intrigued with the new jerseys but like many other fans found it incredibly difficult to read the numbers and know who the players were. The numbers should have been solid orange in my opinion. I have to wonder if those who researched these uniforms tried sitting in the stands to see how the uniforms would look from a fans' perspective. To me that would be common sense. We sit in the lower section about mid-way up and found it quite difficult knowing who the players were. As I said earlier, I was intrigued with the new look but it needs to be tweaked. The non glossed helmets were an interesting change. Kind of gave it the SWAT team look. Maybe that was the idea?

Glad you found it interesting Beag.

My first impression of the new threads were that they were sort of like the Seahawks gear. Futuristic, the way the Oregon Ducks like to work with gear manufacturers to push the envelope of uniform design. They were very hard to tell the numbers from up in the 400 level.

Rather than pure orange numbers, an option might be to have the numbers in white, with an orange border, making them even more visible and having all three team colours represented. Both orange and black are strong colors, so orange on black isn't highly visible at the best of times.It also occurs to me that the "stealth unis" make it harder for play-by-play guys like Rod Black and Chris Cuthbert to call the games accurately.

One final thought, but not on uniforms: I hate to say it, because it sounds like beating up on a guy who suffered a heart attack last year. But isn't Andre Proulx the worst, most flag-happy referee in the CFL? A regular Jake Ireland clone. Four unnecessary roughness penalties, two of which were very questionable, plus a no-yards missed by one of his crew. In a close game like that I'd rather see the players decide it, not the worst zebra we have in our game.

But back to business. Tomorrow we play another rookie QB: Montreal's Josh Nieswander. I admired his moxey after Cavillo went down. He'll be a week better after getting first team reps this week. I expect another strong effort by the BC defense, who continue to improve each week and lead the league in lowest passing yards against per game. The defensive front seven need to limit Messam and the offense must play a cleaner game on offence, without the easy points and short fields that four turnovers gave Calgary. Eat it or throw it away; Don't throw it late down he middle. Special teams need to be ... well ... special. Continue the strong effort they laid on the Stamps. Both lines must continue to win the line of scrimmage and the D must force mistakes from a guy who has to be nervous, at least early on, making his first CFL start.

BC also needs to continue to improve first down production, their Achilles heel for most of this season. And that starts up front.

Sounds kinda easy when you say it like that.

Dooger in Surrey :cowboy:

White numbers bordered with orange against black works for me. As far as the refereeing is concerned I was not at all happy with some of the calls and some of the non-calls and I think the lack of good refereeing in any one game needs to be shared amongst every official with a red flag. I am very curious about something; is the refereeing in the NFL equally suspect? I don't follow the NFL very much and I'd be interested in knowing if the refereeing is superior in the NFL. If it is then the CFL needs to do something about its referees. These guys get paid upwards of $800 per game. That's almost $400 an hour. Not bad!

Your assessment of what the Lions need to do sounds good although I'm no expert that's for sure. What I see happening I think the average fan sees:

  1. Lulay is having trouble with the blitzes.
  2. At times Lulay doesn't seem to see the entire field and is fixated on executing the pre-planned play whether the guy is open or not. While this is going on other guys have been wide open! Why cannot he not improvise better?
  3. Lulay is not running like he used to. Numerous times he would get the necessary yardage on even 2nd down.
  4. Lulay appears nervous and hesitant when executing his plays. Either the opposition is finally onto him or something has changed but he is not playing with the same confidence. At least not in my opinion.
  5. The D is playing superbly but we cannot rely in the D to always come through. The longer they're out on the field the tougher it becomes to hold the opposition back.

With a newbie taking over for Anthony the butterflies should be a big factor. Will the Lions be able to take advantage of a new starter? Hopefully the Lions will be aggressive but not stupidly aggressive where they are called for roughing the passer frequently.

Can the Als hurt the Lions? Well....they are near the leader of the pack when it comes to QB sacks. Not exactly something Lulay likes to hear.

I'm expecting a Lions victory but it won't be the first time the Lions have come out flat if they do on this occasion and burst my bubble.

Yeah i noticed that too.

Lulay doesn't adapt well to plays that get read well by the defense and I have also notice him missing several open receivers even on TD plays.

Oh, and I LOVE the jerseys. I want one, i need to replace my old one as the logo is wearing off because i didn't wash it properly. I've been rockin my current jersey since the 2004 Playoffs so not too too long but long enough i'd say considering we've won 2 Grey Cups since i've owned it.

They're not meant to be slept in but you can be forgiven if you did. Loyal Lions fans do that sort of thing! :rockin: