New Lease Deal for Cats

No doubt a product of the talks to help make the WH a better fit for Young. The process is working.

If anyone sees Sam Merulla at a Ticat game this year, dump a beer on his head. He will do anything for a headline.

I think $2,750 for an entire season is damn good, let it not be said the Ti-Cats are getting the raw end of this deal, considering it costs around $400 an hour to rent the ice at Copps. Even more so considering that the Cats are getting all of the concession revenue.

Once again Sam "Sourdough Waffle" Merulla chirps in with more vitriolic rhetoric, in order to do everything to prevent Hamilton from getting a new stadium.

I think that's $2750 per game, although the article was kind of condusing.

A penny-ante socialist demagogue on the fringes of the real centre of power in City Hall. Yet he always gets the quotes and the attention like he's somebody actually important.

Concessions are the sweetest plum at IWS - always have been. This wasn't a decision made in a vacuum. A direct result of the give and take over the WH plan going on right now. Things are getting done .

Thank God it's an election year so I can help vote out Slammin Sammy Merulla.
He would piss on the Scout's and Brownie's if he thought it would get him a vote.

The article also states that "Hamilton provides the Tiger-Cats with an annual subsidy of about $1.3 million"
I'm surprised that taxpayers would agree to subsidizing the Ticats - not many cities would subsidize a CFL team and Bob is still losing a lot of money.

Does it say "and the TigerCats provide Hamilton with national TV exposure on a major sports network". Probably not.

Hence the subsidy and "you play for virtually free" from the city.

Someone really needs to explain this "subsidy" does the City write the team a cheque or does it pay to maintain its CIVIC owned stadium?

I have not seen an accounting of what this subsidy really means. I have my doubts that it exists the way some council members describe it.

Anyone know?

To my knowledge, 1.3million a year is the maintenance costs of Ivor Wynne.

You are quite right, I missed a 0. It should be $27,500. Still reasonable in my opinion.