While we all sit and wait for the kickoff of the 2007 CFL season, does anyone have any news on the new league that was supposed to start up down here in the states? Did they fold before they got up and running?

Who??? LOL :lol: :lol: :lol:

They're going the same route as the CFL is in trying to find a new Commissioner and returning to Ottawa. They're trying to "get it right". :lol:

XFL attempting a comeback? :thup:

Remember the White footballs?

I don't know what's going on but I hope it flys so I have some football to watch until the real football returns in june. I think it was going to be called the United football league.

Just what the CFL does not need-- another league competing for players. If any CFLers decide to play in this league, there could be injuries preventing them from playing the CFL season, or deciding that they dont want to play 2 football seasons in 1 year. This is NOT good news for the CFL.

yep, it was a wierd concept with high salaries $100,000+ and all players must be college graduates, no dropouts allowed...And players must play for the team that was in his college's area. Sounded kinda flaky to me, they were supposed to start playing this spring?

[quote="Invader"]yep, it was a wierd concept with high salaries $100,000+ and all players must be college graduates, no dropouts allowed...And players must play for the team that was in his college's area. Sounded kinda flaky to me, they were supposed to start playing this spring?[/quote

Invader I agree sounded kinda flaky, and probably would have been a 1 and done season, but, I can't say that I wouldn't watch if they had a TV deal, but since your the only one who reponded who seemed to even know what I was talking about, do you know if it fell through?

more failed leagues. how many more must there be. ohwell aslong as canadians know the CFL is the league to go with and no one puts some team in canada again like what was it.. the american football league or something that moved into MTL.

this is a legit league, it is a spring time based league, being played in legit football stadiums, and players need college degrees to become eligible, a new tv contract will be confirmed soon.

Thanks for the info truwarier, after checking out the website, I concede that my agreeance, that the league sounded flaky. Whether or not it works only time will tell, but their model is as good as any I've seen, particularly stating that they do not intend to compete with the NFL. this new league the AAFL, if it can pay the salries it plans to award, will take any real talent from the Arena League, and unfortunately from the CFL, if players meet their qualifications which are not based on talent alone. The big trick is going to be getting a T.V. deal, no small feat, especially since ESPN is now partnered with the Arena League. As well as sticking around long enough to make an impact to the point that eligible players are enticed to their league, by more than just the money, but by the prospect of launching or re-launching a career in the NFL. A fact which at this point and given their objectives, the AAFL is not opposed too. If nothing else I beleive no direct affiliation with the NFL will make this league more competitive and enjoyable than NFLEurope. I would not be sad to see the demise of the Arena League, no offense, I just don't find it entertaining, NFLEurope, does serve a purpose even though it can be not so entertaining as well. Hopefully the do put the Arena League out of business, if so, I beleive they will actually help as opposed to hurt the CFL, by freeing up alot of talent, albeit some not so talented players as well. I know true Canadian CFL fans are opposed to U.S. expansion, but don't tell me any of you would be opposed to a championship game between the CFL and the AAFL, if after a few years the AAFL has proven its sticking around. Again, I reiterate, this league could kill the Arena League if succesful, which would put a lot more players available to themselves and the CFL. This may be the best thing to happen to the CFL, dare I mention the formation of an international league the IFL if you would. With the power and money behind this league, special laws could be passed stateside, maybe to allow for Canadian content in a league that represents both countries. Not too mention there are plenty of Canadian kids attending NCAA schools who will be eligible to play in this league as well.

I see they won't start operations until 2008.

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the CFL salery cap should be raised from the $4.05M for the '08 season ( as league revenues go up - TV deal - the cap goes up ) that should help keep some talent in the CFL.

With regards to playing a championship game between the CFL and AAFL -- considering that AAFL is supposed to be a spring league, I don't how a championship game would work very well.

As far as CFL losing talent, I guess it depend on if the AAFL contracts allow the players to play in both leagues. Maybe they'd allow that to entice players who want to play in both leagues (and make more money) or maybe not. As somebody else noted, playing in both leagues would lead to a player being more likely to be injured, but that would seem to me to be better than the CFL losing all of the talent that signs up for the AAFL.

Are there CFL players who also play in the Arena league? (Do CFL/Arena contracts allow them to do that?)

A successful AAFL would make it harder for the CFL to try expansion to the US again down the road (which is considered a good thing by most Canadian CFL fans?).

This league will not kill the AFL, the AFL has been around over 2 decades now, it is a well established minor league and is not going anywhere any time soon.

Concerning any championship game between leagues, in my mind it should be the Grey Cup vs Super Bowl champs. Nothing else.

But a league that was only semi-successful may allow a merger with the CFL.

Yeah, I don't see that happening either ... here's another unlikely suggestion -- maybe you could have the Grey Cup champ play an eliminated NFL team in the run up to the Super Bowl (say, the week in between the championship games and the Super Bowl). For example, you could have the two 7th place AFC & NFC teams (top non-playoff qualifiers) play on the NFL 'wild card weekend' to determine who plays against the Grey Cup champs two weeks later. Venue and rules could alternate between NFL and CFL every year.

One of the biggest problems (other than getting both leagues to agree to it) would be that the Grey Cup champs would be several weeks out of practice.

By the way, regarding my questions about a player participating in both the AAFL or Arena league and in the CFL, I suppose it either wouldn't/doesn't happend or would be/is quite rare considering that the AAFL and Arena league schedules overlap with the CFL.