New League Stealing CFL players already!?$

Perhaps the salary cap that will apply to coaches as of next year will free up some more cash next year for players.

The leagues revenues have skyrocketed, but salaries have not.
Not true - at lease in the past 2 years. Salaries rose quite a bit when the 4-year TSN revenue came in with the new TV deal. The cap increased to ~$5M, with incremental increases each year thereafter.

Also, since the money is already there, there's no need to increase ticket prices.
WHERE is the money? Most teams are either making a -small- profit, or are in the red. If the cap is raised without further TV/streaming deals, then the onus will fall on ticket buyers (ie: fans) to foot the rest of the bill. Please tell me where the money tree is growing, I want to transplant it to my yard...

To be fair the increase in cap went to the top of the market, not the bottom. And while the league minimum has slightly increased a couple times it's still way too low for a professional football league

Actually very true.
League revenues jumped when the TV money came in and every team gained in the neighbourhood of $2.3 million off of that deal yet the salary cap went up $600K. Meaning the owners pocketed the rest.

The league also sold presentor sponsorship package to someone for the first time in league history for a rumoured $5-7 million. That’s another $500K per team at minimum. Players got $0 of that.

With the football operations budget cap, most teams will realize another savings of $400K-$1 million so there’s that too.

So like I said, the money is there. No need for ticket increases

And please stop perpetuating the myth that teams are “barely? breaking even or even losing money. Since the TV money cane in, only one team is losing any real money

How many players are at the minimum? What would it cost to salary cap increase if the minimum was raised to $60k, $65k, $70k, $75k, $80k, over a five year contract?

I'm not sure that all the increases in revenue from TV deal were "pocketed" by owners, if owners were losing money and it brought the teams up to a point where they are breaking even, I wouldn't call that pocketed.

So does that mean that teams were all losing exactly $2million+ Before the TV money and these new sponsorships came in. That’s a little hard to believe

Is it possible that since the AAF season ends before the CFL season begins it could complement both leagues? Most players in these leagues don't make enough to get by on the salary they make playing a season of football alone. Many players could end up playing in both leagues. I think it is just an extension of the "gig" economy.

An interesting approach, CFL2USA, but it might be tough sledding with the potential for a 28 game season, not counting any preseasons nor playoffs. Probably dramatically shorten careers?

Interesting observation. The CFL minimum of $54k/year is roughly equivalent to a $26/hour full-time (year round) job. A lot of people manage to get by on that kind of pay, and even provide for a family.

Agreed, how many players are at the minimum. I would guess on a 46 man roster that at least 25 are at the league minimum. Even if its 20 you're talking about raising the cap 100-125k per year.

The issue then becomes all of the players making more money will also want more money. If Addison is worth 80k what is Tasker worth? if Tasker is worth 150k what is Banks worth?
It flows both ways.
You could consider a hard cap on each player at 175-200k - but the CFLPA will likely never go for that.

Previously I've suggested separate salary Caps for Canadians and Americans, again the PA will likely not go for that.

Ive always liked idea like Mark's of rewarding a player for staying in the same city, but unless the cap is increased or exempted that will hurt you too. You still have to pay the guy.

Many a fan goes berserk when a noteable player is cut or traded esp during FA (same fans who cry not enough new talent is being brought in)

Cant imagine the outcry when it's a player who has declared himself CDN and has put roots down here. Tillman would need an armed guard.

“Will CFL minimum salaries increase in the off-season with the new CBA negotiations? I have no idea. Probably not enough to match the AAF. “

Well they better nagotiate a serious increase and up the Salary Cap max for each team would greatly help the situation U can see Manziel will jump ship when he can!?$

Why would Manziel jump ship? He's making significantly more money to stay here.

I’m sure when doors open and he can contractually make a move down the road AAF or XFL will match his salary down south ! Just a thought .....

Everything I have read is that the contracts are the same for all players... Unless I'm missing something