New League Stealing CFL players already!?$

I have always said, if you go down south to try the NFL and fail, you should not be allowed to come back up to Canada until the season is over. The players have nothing to lose, don't make it in the AAF, oh well go back up to Canada. Total BS and makes our league weak, but then again it is Canada, don't want to upset anyone.

Keep your greasy paws of our Sinkfield, AAF.

Not sure how that is considered stealing players.

This scenario is going to come into play quite a few more times I think going into next year ..even more if this league sticks

Don’t see giving $250,000 USD for 3 years, plus freedom to try-out with the NFL as stealing. But why post-secondary assistance? Aren’t these guys university grad-u-ates? :slight_smile:

Walk-ins ..

Not every talented person was given a scholarship and maybe cannot afford it ..

This is a huge problem for the CFL if the new league sticks. Not only is the first-year minimum salary higher (USD$70000 vs CAD$54000), they make it in 10 games instead of 18. Not only is a 10 game schedule less of a grind, it’s fewer chances to get injured and scuttle your career. If I’m a recent-ish grad who didn’t make the NFL, looking to make some money and churn out some fresh highlight film in hope of catching NFL attention, I choose this new league every time.

This is serious, DEFCON 1, survival-of-the-league level shit.

Extinction-level event, you say.

Let's keep going with the numbers. Suppose there are 55 roster spots per team in the AAF. At eight teams, that's a total of 440 players.

Would established CFL INT players go down there? The Taskers and the Deans? Not for higher pay, they wouldn't. Those guys are already making >$100k in the CFL. I would think most of the star CFL players stay where they are.

How about the journeymen? The Tank Reeds and Vernon Adams? Maybe. Not sure they'd be missed a lot.

Would INT rookies being offered the CFL minimum opt to play in the AAF? Yeah, probably a lot would.

Are there more than 440 young, non-NFL US football players out there? I would have to think so. If the CFL misses out on those 440 players, they will draw from among the remaining guys to fill their roster spots.

Will CFL minimum salaries increase in the off-season with the new CBA negotiations? I have no idea. Probably not enough to match the AAF.

In other words, the CFL's crop of first and second-year INT players falls a notch or two in quality, for as long as the AAF exists. Will CFL fans even notice the difference? Maybe. But it sure seems like the supply of aspiring players is nearly infinite.

Is the CFL's survival at stake? I think you need to make a stronger case.

I’m thinking this is one of the driving factors behind Ambrosie going international with our brand. Expand the talent pool, perhaps.

Other thing to consider is once those rosters are full with the 440 players some of them stick around longer than a year, so next year it may only be 150 or so players that are "deciding" on that league.

I'm not worried. League wont be here in 2-3 years.

You're thinking too short term.

The only reason Tasker is in the CFL is because it was the highest level of non-NFL pro ball available when his career started.

For at least the next couple of years, the CFL will be a higher level of ball than the new league. But what happens after 3 to five years of all the "new" Luke Taskers choosing that league over the CFL? We could get to a point where the established level of play in the new league is superior to the CFL, and if that happens, it's one more reason for players to rule out the CFL, and the snowball effect kicks into high gear.

It's not about the new league chasing players like Larry Dean (though there's nothing to stop them from trying to do that in the future if they so choose), it's about them usurping the CFL's status as the highest level of football outside the NFL. It's about the CFL potentially becoming 3rd in the pecking order for football talent, which will make the league even more difficult to sell to the next generation of fans.

The XFL failed largely because the talent pool isn't quite as deep as everybody had assumed it was. If the CFL ends up with the overall talent level of the XFL because the new Luke Taskers are going to this new league, the CFL will be in deep, deep trouble.

I am not so much worried about extinction as I am about the probable dilution of the talent pool. Unless the AAFL decides to go as an NFL clone and look for players of the same size and skill sets, it does seem logical to expect most, if not all, newly graduating INT players to take a serious look at the AAFL before considering the CFL. I can even see the more skilled NAT college graduates who are not considered immediate NFL calibre taking a shot with the AAFL over the CFL.

Same thing for American coaches - why not stay at home if the money is the same or better, plus more convenient exposure to the NFL football factories?

We might become more like the European Hockey leagues, employing more "not quite" or "used to be" types of players. I think there will always be the exceptions, and maybe smaller guys available, but for the AAFL to stock up on 400+ players, there has to be an impact for at least the first one or two years of their start-up.

Well this issue started way back when the CFL or it’s predecessor started allowing Americans to play in Canada to vie for the Grey Cup and earn coin here doing so. This was not always the case as we know. It was and always has been once this started there would be new American pro leagues starting to try and compete with the NFL ie. the AFL, WFL etc. This process will continue and the CFL needs to know how to deal with this and want it aspires to be in the long run with respects to pro gridiron football in NA. No question the CFL has it’s work cut out for them with how the league is operated with respects to the ratio and cap. That being said, my guess is this new league won’t last long.


Its not about poaching top players now, its about attracting them when they first come out of school and developing them into the next generation of star players.

Not too sure how popular a image challenged league like the CFL would be (especially in the large markets) if we became a league for U Sport players and AAFL cast offs.

CFL, wake up and start paying your players a decent wage

Although I think the rookie min of $54K is ridiculously low, just remember that it was the salary cap system that gave the CFL the ability to survive. Pay them more, expect higher ticket prices.
Can you see the Toronto or Montreal stands if this happened? Folding teams is what I see.

I don’t know what the answer is. It’s not like ownership is raking no amount n millions on these teams,

Are you prepared to pay the resulting ticket price? I doubt the league or it's fans could afford to pay enough, at least for entry level players, to attract significant numbers away from the new league.

Why would ticket prices need to increase? The money is already there.

Those are good arguments. They are, for the most part, dependent on AAF succeeding where all the other upstart leagues have failed. (I'm too young to remember the AFL/NFL merger.)

I think a key factor - possibly more important than quality of the players - is fan interest. Americans lover their NFL so much that no other league has ever taken hold. Without the fans, the economics aren't there to keep paying the players. That's the key constraint for the CFL, after all, largely driven by our population size.

If AAF somehow builds a real following and becomes economically sustainable, then yeah, we may have a problem here. Not necessarily extinction-level, though.

Good point, and absolutely true, but that pendulum has swung back the other way for far too long now. The leagues revenues have skyrocketed, but salaries have not. There's a disconnect there.

Montreal and Toronto would still be there. No team that's making money now would all of a sudden lose money. Also, since the money is already there, there's no need to increase ticket prices.