New League starting in Europe

The CFL should continue to play in the summer/fall as it always has. Just don't play games on Sunday after September and playoff games and the Grey Cup on Saturday.
The grassroots thing becomes more difficult ever year, fewer kids playing football, high schools dropping football programs.
Sports in schools is no longer male dominated. Twice as many girls getting soccer scholarships, the Canadian women's national team is made up of entirely NCAA women. The CFL misses out on half the population and attendance become mainly older males. The just can't appeal to that segment of the population the way that soccer, basketball and baseball does.

Some schools are taking the soccer route because of it's cheaper cost than football.

The 3 entities (CFL, U SPORTS FOOTBALL and CJFL) along with FOOTBALL CANADA really need to hunker down and put the work in to bring in the kids starting with flag from 6 years to 9.

Peewee football should be 9man tackle along with Junior Bantams (10-12).

Bantam and Midget can be 12 man.

Opportunities are there but it starts with volunteers and maybe paid coaches based on hourly wages.

Don't assume because high school is dropping football that it's dying.

Too many in the administration are looking for excuses to drop sports in general starting with football.

Have to get the politics out of youth sports for anything to move forward.

Recently the University of Ottawa recruited or drafted a QB from the UK out of the NFL football academy system.

This is what's needed Football Academies along with a top notch Canadian education.


Bang on here and then years later you have the same bunch advocating for any number of increased spending for various consequences of less youth organized activity, not only sports, such as all that increased "therapy," all that medication, and increased health spending due to various medical problems including, speaking from the US, childhood obesity as remains at record levels down here (crack the jokes about their Wal-Mart caravan parents and so forth).


Peewee and bantam midget teams are few. My nephew lives in Hamilton and he went through from age 10 up to high school level. Only one team in Hamilton and they have to play teams from Sarnia through to Scarborough. Not enough players in Toronto either to have their own league. Look at the high school numbers, they are down to something like 25 high schools playing football in Toronto out of 125 high schools. Yet every high school has a couple of soccer teams, girls and boys.
No football is dying out,

Then community programs need to be ramped up.

Probably easier to organize programs at the community level than at high school due to a lack of funding.

Football is dying out in the US also. They are getting declining registration among kids for Pop Warner and High School. Once those declines have an effect on the game of football, where is the NFL and CFL going to get players from? Parents don't want their kids playing a sport with high concussion numbers and deaths like Seau, Webster

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