New League starting in Europe

Adam Rita to Coach one of the teams

bad name as it sounds like a soccer league in europe.

NFL rules.

should be called something like European Gridiron Football League or European USA Football League.

I like the old term gridiron too, but for Europeans football is football and then described with an adjective when it's not football as all the world outside of 4 countries in the Anglosphere know it.

The question I have though is how in the world are they going to make any money?

Fans are not even allowed at the games for all the other football going on even with very high profile games, and there will be some interest in Germany for this action as there was in the past, so I don't get it and why in the world during a pandemic.

It still might do better though than the AAF, XFL 2.0, and whatever that awful XFL comes up with next.


Looks like Ambrosie's Global initiative could be in trouble if he was targeting Germany.

Any news on Australia changing the rules to Canadian or was that a rumour.

Sounds like it's pretty much German League with a couple of cities outside. Much like the final years of NFL Europa.

I wish them luck but if they're supposed to start in 5 months and they don't even have a schedule yet. Do they even have player's signed? Never mind the financial model of fans are not allowed in stadiums yet.

And people have questions if the CFL will star on time or play, how's this going to fly?


Who knows. Maybe they just fast forward to Oktoberfest and call it a year. I could use a revival along such lines this autumn.

Ziggy, Ziggy, Ziggy, Oy, Oy, OY! LOL!

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There are other countries to target like Italy, France, Finland. They are football lovers. The Brits only watch the NFL to get drunk.

I looked into that Aussie storyline. I couldn't find anything concrete

and thats how rumours get started :slight_smile:

How about that Rock take his investment in that XFL crap to Germany and merge with this new league? That will solve many issues right there including exporting such crap away from our shores. Then those rotten fans, unhappy with the XFL's blog offerings, could find a new message board too!

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What about the rumour that Canada will change to 4 downs American rules like the rest of the world?

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That's been going on for years.

Can't see it happening.

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It reminds me of all those Bigfoot documentaries and most of the alien ones. They having been making their rounds including even here. Next up are probably the zombies too.

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Rob Zombie like "More Human than Human"??? LOL!

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