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So if this league is a definate go, here is a crazy idea that would help with the expansion of the CFL. Why not merge the two leagues, cfl and aafl, and create a Canadian Football Conference, and an All American Conference. 16 teams in each conference, battle it out for the Grey Cup or a new trophy that they decide on. Thoughts????[/url]

Then the CFL could give the Grey Cup back to its rightful owners.

no. I say stop all this nonsense and leave things the way it is.

It Seems That Every 5 Years There's A New Football League That Opens Up And Then Folds Quickly After. The XFL, USFL, And All Those Others That Are Now Merged With The nFL. It Appears That There's To Many Football Fans In The u.S.A. For The nFL But Not Enough To Support A Second League. However Everytime One Of These Leagues Colapes It Leave A Surplus Of Talent That The CFL Can Jump On, Like Darren Mitchel And Doug Flutie.

Maybe Kanga will be commisioner of the new league and he can scare the fans away with his Action Point!

Does this league not remind you of slapshot 2, and their All-american team. I wonder if their is going to be player bonuses for positive moral values. I can't wait to see these guys touring seniors' homes.
Another spring league, I just can't see it working. Plus, going into Big NCAA schools, recipe for death. NCAA fans are more diehard than NFL fans. Even the Titans struggle sharing a state with the Tennessee Vols.
Maybe they could be a farm system for the Cfl. All the other leagues helped to develop a few good CFLers.

When will the CFL figure out that what will make the game GREAT is more competition and rivalry? That means EXPANSION to (probably in this order):

-Quebec City
-Ottawa (again, but do it right this time)
-Saskatoon (yup, split the Rider Nation and get the two cities hating each other like they're supposed to. Do you know how many people would go to a Regina-Saskatoon game? The whole province!! It would be like the Stamps and Esks - a good old fashioned blood feud.)

And then, MAYBE, small northern US markets like Spokane, Boise, Akron, Toledo, Albany, Burlington VT, Portland ME, etc. The last US foray made no sense because of where the teams were - too far south in most cases - and because it was too much too soon and came before Canadian expansion which is LONG overdue. The problem with the CFL right now is each team plays every other team like 3 or 4 freakin' times per season and that gets boring! Quebec and Halifax are awesome markets for the game and can easily fill stadiums in the 20,000 to 40,000 range. Come on CFL, bring 'em in!

When will people learn that SASKATOON will NEVER EVER get a CFL franchise??

stop dreaming

When will people learn that SASKATOON will NEVER EVER get a CFL franchise??

stop dreaming.

and just to clarify.. teams only play their Division Rivals 3 or 4 games per year, and only 1 team is 4.

the other division is 2 games... get it right

“When will people learn that SASKATOON will NEVER EVER get a CFL franchise??”

see, that’s exactly the type of thinking I’m talking about that holds back the league. There’s no rationale for that position.

“and just to clarify… teams only play their Division Rivals 3 or 4 games per year, and only 1 team is 4. the other division is 2 games… get it right.”

Only 3 or 4? Only? come on…that’s what’s so boring. Check the NFL - maximum 2 games within the division and may only play team from outside the conference once every few years. That’s more interesting than Toronto at Hamilton, Hamilton at Toronto, ad nauseum. It’s too bad because the CFL is a better game, just an inferior league.


Its a population thing. Read the expansion posts that have been written over and over again. Population wont support Saskatoon, Victoria. I can see some day Halifax and Quebec City.

Too bad the link doesnt work, I would of liked to read about it. However, rather than make it a championship game between the GC winner and the other league, just have the teams play a Pro Bowl style game for fun.

Try copying and pasting this:


It got me there.

Try copying and pasting this:


It got me there.

Wrong again - looks like a dead link/lead

IF! The CFL expands to Halifax, Quebec, Ottawa, London/Windsor, how would we balance it up in the West? Victoria, but too many ol' folks and it might not be practical. Saskatoon, I wouldn't want to see. Unless a randome city pops up in oil rich Alberta or Kelona/Kamloops (can't remember which has a geater pop) get a population boom, we should stay as we are.

I finally got through to the Link. I will boldly predict that it will be just as successful as the:
World League


Newbie has alot to learn! nfl is the inferior league. It's more fun to see interdivision teams play each other more then twice. I mean.....That's what creates rivalries between cities and fans. far as the A.A.F.L. is concerned, go to their own link:

No new news since the announcement. I predicit they won't even fly!