new kicker

what are the chances of the bombers signing a kicker thats been cut from te NFL? the dallas cowboys cut their kicker Jose Cortez. just wanted to throw this out there. i still think we need a new kicker.

I don't know, Westwood is pretty good.

even though i would agree we should get a new kicker i dont think we can afford losing a canadian starter unless we find another good canadian kicker, why did we give up boreham? :x

because we had westwood, who has been one of the best placekickers for the past decade with the exception of a couple years. to get rid of westwood now without a really good canadian replacement would be very foolish. has westwood missed from within 40 yet this year. i don't think so.

unless you can up-grade Jon Ryan to a place kicker as well as punter...and then sign him for a number of years .....we will have to stick with Troy...hoping he just had an off year.....incidentally....rumour going around is that Ryan may only get a quick look by the NFL....apparently they don't like a kicker taking as long as he does to get the ball away....and unless he can correct it...he'll be back in the CFL. PRETTY's hoping....that he returns to the Bombers... :?:

he'll be back. i do agree that it would be good to have him doing dual duty. but it is good having both as they act as backups for eachother.

Westwood suck's...yea, some years he has the number's...
But when it counts..he shoot's his mouth off..and it blow's up...
He's older now..don't here him shooting his mouth off any more..
But he still can't kick from forty yards out...time for changes...

westwood is good and i don't know if ryan, will do good in the NFL. He kicks with a large hang time, and the NFL's doesn't really like that idea. He might do good. And Well Westwood ha handeled the kicking duties before adn can do it again.

I don’t give John Ryan much chance in the NFL.
There are 4 ways to punt, each having a different result. A good punter masters 2 of those, an excellent punter can usually manage 3. Ryan has only 1 method down pat - the long ball. In the CFL the long ball can take a team a long way. In the NFL a long ball punter may be useful only a couple of times a game.
Ryan has some placekicking ability and he’s no worse than Westwood this year. Time to let Troy go and employ a demon special teams tackler instead.

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sorry about the mess this is but this stupid program messes up lists bad. hope you can figure it out

westwood has been weak above forty but the best in the league within 40(with the exception of mclaughlin’s 2 kicks

whaddaya think about the little brew ha-ha...Troy had with Daley in the last game against the Lions......Daley put the kibosh on Westwoods wanting to attempt at a 45 yarder and Troy wasn't very happy about it and let Daley know by getting right in his face along the worry though Troy will probably be here longer than I guess no sweat... :roll:

Daley should go. He used to be a rider and all he did was make our team worse. Put us in a deeper hole. Westwood WILL be around longer than Daly. I am surprised Winnipeg didnt kick Daly to the curb mid season like they did to Dave Ritchie.

Maybe Bomber fans should look a little higher than Daley. Bauer rode in here when the Blue were just starting to climb out of Reinbolds hole, he made maney for the team but it’s gone right make into the hole so maybe Bauers turn to go.

how 'bout signing the guy who won the million bucks at half time during the argos game!!! 50 yarder no problem - bet troy can't do that anymore! get him some coaching and bring him to camp in the spring - nothing to lose really! if nothing else, maybe it'll light a fire under troy's butt.

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winnipeg might actually sign this guy lol! Who knows, he might give westwood a run for his money.

Imports are good. Who cares if he's Canadian or not as long as he can consistantly hit 35- yarders sign him up!

go Brian go!!! he definitely has the leg, just needs some pointers!

he's the man with the million dollar leg....I don't see why he dosen't try a walk- on next somebody's camp.... 8)

Just a correction..Reinbold was not the problem with the Bombers during T.J.Rubleys reign, it was Ken Bishop who sank the enterprise with the partying , mismanagement and fire sale ticket sales. Boy did he ever fudge-up the Grey Cup last time around. . Bauer has indeed done a good job returning the club to financial prosperity. Team sucked this year because Daly is a moron.

well, since troy made a 47 yarder yesterday, i guess it did light a fire under his butt! i've been extremel hard on troy this year, but maybe if he shuts his trap and just concentrates on kicking, he's got few good years left - and he's CDN and we need all the good CDN's we can get to help with the ratio.