New Kicker

If we wanna have a chance at the greycup maybe consider getting an actual kicker like Lui was.

Duncan is one hell of a punter most of the time, he has potential.

You will likely never see anyone like Lui ever again.

But a rookie like Sandro Deangeles would be sweet.

I like Duncan. :frowning:

Yeah, honestly I think he's one of the best punters in the league, he can place it so well, and kicks for over 45 yards.

His kicking is a little inconsistent, but I think he's 13/18 on the year, so I don't get nervous when he's out for a field goal.

The only aspect of his game that I think needs work, is kick offs.

From the tee he's kicking off 10-15 yards short about 50% of the time.

But the only kicker I'd take hands down over Duncan is Noel Prefontaine, everyone else wouldn't be a huge upgrade.