New Kicker Needed??

Well, it's time to man-up. Still as many Sandro nay-sayers out there? No they weren't the longest fg's in the world but he got the job done. Eliminate games 2 and 3 of the season and his stats are solid. Some say he lost the game against Calgary but if the offence had scored a td when they had the ball down on the one? Partially responsible-yes. Personally I think they're good with Sandro.

I'm not changing my opinion because of a couple chip shots.

Not all were chip shots and if you remember he's had trouble with chip shots too.5/5 is very impressive.

Much better night for Sandro.... lets hope he can keep it up.

I'm more worried about his kicking at home, thats where he's had the most trouble.

I'm not sure he understands the wind at Ivor Wynne yet.

GEEZ!!! Did he steal your girlfriend or something? Give it a rest and move on!

Sandro did everything we asked of him against BC. I was a little concerned last week against Montreal because even when he was making kicks they were not pretty. I wasn't sure if he was a little hurt or he was not comfortable with the holder or what. This week he hit everything clean and we saw the results. He may still be in a little funk at IWS, and he could be fighting it physchologically. Hopefully he can work it out and get out of the funk. We need more performances like Saturday night's.


I understand where you're coming from....Youve probably gone 5 for 5 your self in a game and you know how easy it really is :wink: