**new Jumbotron for Montreal**

really nice pictures of how the stadium will look in 2007....looks like it will be very nice.

[url=http://alouettes.nmnathletics.com//fls/1300/percival-molson/]http://alouettes.nmnathletics.com//fls/ ... al-molson/[/url]

The Phase II project renovation and expansion of Percival Molson Stadium into a beautiful 25,000-seat facility on the edge of the historical and alluring Mount Royal is about to commence.

This public-private partnership will create a retro-downtown sports and recreation facility adjacent to the new Parc-Pine Interchange now under construction in the heart of Montreal. It will also ensure the future economic viability of the Montreal Alouettes, a historic Canadian Football League franchise and one of the original Big Four Teams. This expansion will also provide McGill University with a first class facility while providing the city of Montreal and its citizens and children access to more green playing field.

Even with the addition of 5,000 seats to a capacity of 25,000, Percival Molson Stadium will still be the smallest facility in the Canadian Football League. At one-third the size of Edmonton and Vancouver's stadiums, the Alouettes' home is renowned for its incomparable sightlines, atmosphere and ambiance. It is also a well-known fact that in order to ensure the viability and competitiveness of any CFL franchise, a stadium of at least 25,000 seats is needed. This is why Phase II of the Percival Molson Stadium rejuvenation project is so vital in ensuring the health and prosperous future of professional football in Montreal. In joining the Alouettes as a member of the Builders' Club, you are contributing towards the improvement of the stadium and will therefore be recognized by the team on a Wall of Builders at the stadium's main entrance.

CFL stadium capacities
Edmonton 60 081
Vancouver 60 000
Toronto 53 506
Calgary 35 650
Winnipeg 29 503
Hamilton 28 830
Ottawa 27 695
Saskatchewan 27 637
Montreal 20 202 - will be 25 000 in 2007

AH man, that's old news...I taught you had new info on the project...

How's the brick sale going ?

When will they start the renovation, probably after the 2006 season ?

If the project ever see light, last time an owner wanted to sell somebrick to build a new stadium downtown, the team moved to Washington :wink:

That number is WAY to small for a city like Montreal.

i know its old news, but they have since made a website dedicated to the project, and i thought id post the links for people to check it out.

everything must be going as planned, since they made a website for the phase 2.

belfool, u guys r doomed now

Not to worry!
He is just a recievers coach, and not the OC
What he he possible have to say to the Als' recievers

I was gonna say that offensive coordiantor in motnreal is one of the easiest jobs with AC in town but he isnt even that. He is basically just there. the impact he will have will be minimal if any what could he possibly have to say to imporve the games of Ben Cahoon and Terry Vaughn who each probably have more ofotball experience than he does. Also all 4 of the als main receivers last year got over 1000 yards

Basically this is just a token job given to him because he is a quebec guy. AC calls the plays and Kevin Strasser will be the main OC and all the receivers have enough experience that htey can coach themeselves

Kinda like Pinball as head coach? :lol:

Montreal Alouettes president and CEO Larry Smith is optimistic that three levels of government will commit to the current expansion project at Percival Molson Stadium.

The Alouettes plan is to expand the stadium by 5,000 seats as well as other renovations. Smith said that the project is a priority for the city.

"We are waiting word from the City of Montreal," explained Smith. "We need support of the city first for the green light. We should be getting that relatively easily."

"Also, we have to wait for the federal election and see what's going on there and it might causes us a delay, (perhaps a) few months. But what's really important is that the city and the province want to go ahead and support us."

Smith also said that the Percival Molson Stadium will be getting a Jumbotron for 2006, but didn't elaborate on details.

"It's a teaser for our fans, no doubt."

Maybe now we can replay questionable calls and try to influence the refs like Toronto does.

If they show dot races, I'm gonna scream

i love the new jumbotron at taylor field.the only bad side is when you are at the game you get to see all the bad calls over and over.

........and you get to see Crandell over and over.......

No No ro1313…dot races are old. At BC Place, the’ve replaced dot races with Shark Races…sponsored by…The Shark Club Bar & Grill! :wink:

toronto has a race with computer animated cheeses....swiss, chedar, and pepper jack....

looks like toy story.. they go thu taps like mouse trap board game...i went to 5 outta 10 games at skydome, last season...and swiss cheese won every time....

they shoulda atleast changed the winner game from game...geez.

I bet that cheesed off the other competators supporters. :lol: