New Jerseys

The Lions announced today that their new jerseys will be released on Wednesday, May 2.

It looks like they'll stick with the orange home jerseys and white away jerseys. I have heard that they'll bring back the black alternates in 2013. Hopefully once they're released, full customization will be available since there are only a select few players to choose from now.

Hate'em... so plain and boring! Never the less, I will have to pick one up to sport at Mosaic Stadium...

Agreed. I went to a ST event today and was hoping they'd look a little more inspriring in person. They weren't. In fact, the Lions' Marketing guy called us the "Orange and White!" What in the name of Carl Kidd was THAT?? Are we turning our burly football players into human creamsicles?

Our identity for the better part of 50 years has been forged with some black in our uniforms, so a little MORE black would be nice, not LESS (the '76-7 retros worn 2 years ago was the perfect combination using orange as the dominant colour).

The good news is they could have changed for the worse, like the Bombers and Riders. :expressionless:

Agreed, way to boring I was expecting a lot more they look like Golf shirts you would think the the Pro's who design these could be a little more creative. Really . Maybe they will look different when the team is on the field.

For all the hype that was created over the new jersey’s I was expecting better like everyone else. Having seen them with name and numbers on the jersey in person I really don’t mind them. The new material looks a lot better in my opinion and I really like how bright and sharp the orange in the new jersey is. Could always be worse, they could have went with a striped theme and be like half the other teams in the league.

When it really boils down to it, none of us Lions fans are really going to care what the jersey looks like once the team takes the field and starts winning football games. I don’t care if they’re out there in their practice gear so long as they bring home the gold again.