New jerseys for Labour Day?

It looks like the Tiger-Cats will be unveiling a new jersey on Labour Day, along with the new THF.

Are long, yellow and black sleeves too much to ask for? I am very curious, and a little nervous, about what these might look like after seeing the BC Lions version of the "signature jersey last year.

It's been my experience over the years that long sleeves on jerseys are never a default. They usually wear some kind of under-armour like material with long sleeves beneath the jersey for cold weather games. Personally, I'm good with that. I don't want to be sweating my butt off in July/early August with a super hot long-sleeved jersey. And I don't wear the pads!

They definitely won't have long sleeves -- players seem to have rejected those years ago, and I really doubt they will ever return. Altho we may at some point see "undersleeves" with appropriate striping.

Forgot the "smiley" on the request for long sleeves! I personally think the striped sleeves are a great throwback look, but they will never, NEVER fly today given the way uniforms are cut.

Any other thoughts on what we might see? If these are meant to be a tribute to the past, then the white sleeves on a black jersey, with gold and black sleeve stripes might show up again (although the most recent vintage jerseys already had the white sleeves). I am hoping for gold helmets...

Haha, fair enough.

I might think that you'll see the old black and gold striping, if not in quite the same amount. That is if they want to go super retro. The gold jerseys a few years ago looked alright. That would be great too, albeit with a different shade of yellow used.


(I know I'm shouting, but it's important)

I was in Section 7, row 38 and couldn't see the damn numbers on those gold jerseys even WITH numbers, outlined in white (and if necessary, red)

Based on the quotes, copied below, from the CFL link provided by ramonecat, I think you can bet the mortgage that you won't be seeing any long sleeves or anything else in the way of an historical look on these Signature Uniforms. The league has already done retro for a couple, or more seasons. My guess would be a tiger skin print for the Cats and I've had a gut feeling, for some time now, that the RedBlacks will be wearing lumberjack plaid.

Those quotes, that make me think these thoughts:
"innovative looks" ....... "the CFL Signature Uniforms are intended to be bold and eye catching and push the envelope" .....
"These are complete uniforms – everything, from head to toe, including helmet, jersey, pants, socks and even gloves – and they are entirely new" ....... "Each one tells a story about its team, what that team stands for, and the fans who stand with it" ...... "Fans got a bit of a sneak preview of the approach when the BC Lions debuted their new CFL Signature Uniform a year early, in 2013" ..... "today’s CFL is poised for a bright and bold future" ...... "These new uniforms capture that spirit and reflect our momentum" ...... "It’s going to be a lot of fun to see our teams proudly wear them and our fans react to them.?

I certainly would be interested in hearing the designers' explanation of how those Lions' Signature outfits "tell a story about the team and what it stands for."

Ugh! Read the linked article, this is clearly going the way of BC's gawd awful black uniforms from last year. Great design for a remake of Rollerball, terrible design for a CFL football team.

Ive considered for a while now asking the Ticat store if they can put they away jersey numbers, onto the black jersey. It would be like a BC jersey from last year but Ticats 8)

The Gun Metal BC Jerseys are best looking in the CFL IMO

Love see Ticats go with all Black Uniform With Gold Numbers with white Piping .
1 Gold Stripe on Helmet
also 3 Tiger Stripes on Sleeves
one Long Thick Stripe on the Pants

every few year the change the jersey to make more money from us Fans

Houston! Houston! I mean Hamilton! Such a good movie..

But god, I hope you're wrong. Those were brutal.

Much like the Steelers Throw-em-back jersey from a couple of years ago, although it was the white square around the numbers that ruined that particular look, IMO. But I can see that the white numbers on the striped jersey would probably be difficult to read from the stands, and adding a red outline would detract from the look.

Perhaps this one?

(And short sleeves, of course - with optional striped undersleeves for those who want them.)

i remember Nike coming out with this series for NFL Jerseys (uniforms) didnt like it for the NFL but think it would be ok for CFL

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Robofan. you want to go back to the 98-99 uniforms then? Or just make us look like the steelers of the CFL?

I don't know what they could do to improve what they have.

more, thicker stripes on the sleaves? a la "wildcats" but black and gold? (please someone photo shop this)

Gold helmets, maybe...? i dunno.

Gold jersey's?

maybe embrace some of the cities industrial history and change the pant stripe to diagonal "caution stripes"

Actually I thought the Lions third uniforms last year were kind of cool. And the reaction they got from Lions fans was overwhelmingly positive. My only criticism was the numbers were a bit tough to read - but tweak that a bit to make those more legible and I give a thumbs up.

Anybody looking for ideas for new uniforms need only look to Oregon’s football team who have a special deal with Nike. Some are awful but some are very cool IMO.

New modern looking designs have become hugely popular with young football fans which is why almost every NCAA is launching uniforms these days and I’m sure the appeal to younger fans is exactly why the CFL is doing this.

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We did okay in 98 and 99 if you Remember But I’m look at 3 Long Gold Stripes Madden 98 Jersey Creation Tool not greatest.

We could go with Thinner Pant Stripes 2 Gold or 3 Stripes Gold White Gold
But I’d like a All Black uniform

Brian Bulcke reaction to the new jersey via Ticat instagram

I really hope it's not those BC ones, but I get the feeling, looking at the season ticket box I got this year, it may be black with gun metal numbers. :frowning:

I think It will be Gold But All Black is what I want to see