New Jerseys , coming clean

After all of my negatives about our new Reebok jerseys earlier this year, I must fess up that I bought one today.. ... they have grown on me a lot,, just dont like the pants now :cowboy:

oh brother, is that all your thinking about lol

nah,, I just had to confess !

I think losing the semi final, messed you up BIG TIME!! just sayin' LOL

Lol I agree. Sorry still don't like them and hope they go the way of the dinosaur real soon.

I agree those jerseys are gross. I mean who comes up with this stuff. Toronto's isn't much better lol

my dog won't even chew on it and the damned thing destroys everything

Retro plates on the other hand...I'm in! 525 well spent dollars

actually the jerseys I could live with but the helmets gotta go. put something on the helmet that looks cool not what's on it now. bahhhhhhd must be a cfl design,, I don't think anyone here would come up with that., awfull looking thing.