New jersey...what player should I get?

I realize there have been threads like this before...but I thought i'd make it anyways..i've had the same jersey for the past 10 years my last name on it etc, but i'm going to be getting a new jersey tomorrow from my gf for my birthday, and I need to make a decision as to what player I want on it and what colour...As a long time season ticket holder and fan of the cats, as everyone knows the cfl has lots of movement with players from team to who would you have atm that you feel is perhaps a top player but 1 that will be here for at least another cpl years at minimum? I've really wanted a Bruce jersey but im not sure how much longer he'll be around before retirement..Baggs is another option but again will he resign once his contract is up? Other notables I have thought of are glenn, knowlton, johnson,stala. So If I could get soem repleis that would be great, im thinking a white jersey because in the summer I think black would be just way to hot. Thanks!

Oskee Wee Wee

Rottier, Barker, Bruce, Kwolton... take your pick

Rottier would be an awful choice because he'll likely be playing in Edmonton after this year. I've wanted a Dyakowski jersey for a while now but haven't had the chance to get one.


Dyakowski is actually a really good choice.

  1. He'll be here for the long haul.
  2. His jersey is not a very popular one
  3. He's hilarious.

As for the colour, you have to go with black. I bought the 3rd jersey when it first came out and now I hate it. I should have went with the black one. Knowlton would also be a great choice or Hage.

I recently purchased a new one myself along with a brand new Ticats New era hat.Got a white Stevie Baggs jersey

Hmmm.... when you mentioned wanting a player from New Jersey my first thought was that you forgot to name the sport. Age related impairment, you know.....

Where in Sec. 30? Row Q here.


Id go with Baggs or Glenn

LOL I thought the thread was about New Jersey too.

I'm on record as stating the notion of putting another person's name on your back is a silly thing. However, it does produce revenue for the team so hey, if it feels good do it. The best names on the back of a TiCats jersey I've seen are two guys: the first has "Drunk", the second has "Drunker". Classic.

Are the teams due to get redesigned jersey's from Reebok anytime soon? If you like the current design enough, I guess it shouldn't matter one way or the other. However, I thought I read something on this forum a while back suggesting the league's deal with Reebok called for new jersey designs in 2011. Anybody know for sure?

Bad form, replying to my own post, but I found this thread where it is claimed that all the teams will get redesigned jerseys for 2012:

[url=] ... 00f8720b20[/url]

Somebody said they emailed the league about jersey redesigns a while back and got the following response:
"All home and away jerseys will be redesigned for the 2012 season."

I don’t understand how another persons jersey of choice is relevant to you. Unless you’re just a blind follower. Only you know that.

lol sorry guys for the mix up, instead of saying new jersey I should have said I will be purchasing a new jersey etc...anyways again thanks for the suggestions! As for the msg about not getting why ppl get other names...well it's because we support our team, and as fans we have favorite players, id say more ppl have players names then their own..anyways so there may be new jeseys next year eh? Ahhhhh....I wonder if it will be a big change....i dont get why we need 2 change them so often lol oh well...

My suggestion is the old classic #24 BEER. Can't go wrong.

Otherwise Hage or Dyakowski.

I'd go with a classic.

Henley, Mosca, Zambiasi, etc.

Buy a game jersey I own 4 of them now including Dylan Barkers away rookie jersey which i had him sign! :smiley: Last year at the lockersale I bought Reggie Fish's both Home and away game jerseys for $100 each, he might not have played many games 2-3 i beilive, but I was at every practice last year and this kid showed heart and deadication! :thup: They cut him the last 2 weeks of the season :thdn: !
I also have Scott Mitchell's #89 Yellow game worn jersey, Guillaume Allard-Caméus game worn home jersey! :rockin:
I like the game jerseys as they are well made and have real patch's all the way around!
I also bought Alrand Bruce III, Yannick Carter's and Glen McKay's worn pratice jersey from last year. :rockin:
I also have Bruce's #4, Porter's, Lumsden, and the legendary Angelo Mosca's replica jerseys. :rockin:

Cant go wrong with a classic. IIRC, the only number the TiCats have retired is #10 (in honour of Bernie Faloney)?

If I get a new jersey with #1 and Winfield (Praise Be His Name) on it, would AB3 be angry?

#5 Glenn!