new jersey numbers

did u like the new white numbers with blue and white trim, or prefer the old silver with no trim?

I personally rather their blue jerseys with the red numbers and white trim.

But the new ones, I didn't even notice the difference. So for me personally, it doesn't matter.

I could not believe they changed the numbers. They actually left the tz/shouldeer numbers as grey/silver. I think this was an unnecessary change that actully took away from the look of a beautiful set of jerseys. Some players the numbers on the back were too big for the jerseys. The only jersey change I would make is no more white and red pants.

Wow, I was watchingthe game the other night and got a kick out of the fact they wore the red pants. Go back to the blue pants with road white jersey and silver pants with home jersey with grey numbers. Oh and tell the argos the blue pants with blue shirts is also a dumb idea.