New Jersey is out... comments ....

New Jerseyis out. Still looks like a disco ball and whoever decided to go with the huge Alouette font on the front of the jersey should have let a designer do the work. Numbers are below the belt line...

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Not a fan of the jersey. Oh well. As long as they win, they can wear garbage-bags as jerseys for all I care. :smiley:

Way too busy for me to the point of being tacky, and it will be even uglyer when they stick the two sponsors above the word Alouettes. They could have done something nice like sew the angry lark on the front of one side of the chest or something original. Instead, the two sponsors get first dibs, then the name of the team and whatever is left for the most important aspect THE PLAYER'S NUMBER.

All that's missing is the MC Hammer pants in a nice silver... or some bedazzle on the helmet maybe. My expectations with Reebok were low but this is even worse than I anticipated.

I REALLY DISLIKE the new ALOUETTES font in front of the red/burgundy jersey !

What's next Zubaz pants ?

Fully agree with that statement !

2nd the notion. No need to have the "Alouettes" on the front.

Hoping they wear the vintage Als jersey from the 70's at least once this season. Those were sharp.

Don't like it!

Why do they have to change so often? I have always admired the NFL in this regard. They have made changes over the years to go with the times, but CFL jerseys have changed quite dramatically. I wonder how Habs fans would react if they changed those jerseys!

I find the Alouettes font too big and the numbers too low, doesn`t look balanced. Good possible slogan though - "Alouettes Coming At You!"

But hey no big deal with the uniforms - as Seinefeld would say - All we`re really rooting for is laundry.

Like Tony I would prefer the 70"s look.

This is what all the fuss was about for the last few months?
You can see a difference for the other teams jerseys.
How many different variations of Red,White,and Blue can you play with?
now that's over with....let's see some CFL Football!

The new jersey is too flamboyant. It looks like it should be on the TV show called "Glee", if you get my drift...

So, I am sure Senior ah me loves this jersey, if you get my drift...


A football jersey, in my opinion, should look sharp but without unnecessary doodads. I don't think there is any need whatsoever to put "Alouettes" on the jersey - just the colour scheme, and the number. The logo could appear on the shoulders, as before.

Imagine what you can do with Burgundy,black and silver or dark grey and silver with burgundy accents. That satin blue needs to die.

Didn't they just beat the Flyers the other night to tie up the series? I don't think they are out yet

WTF are you talking about? This is an Alouettes forum. The Alouettes play in the CFL. The CFL is in Canada. Canada is on planet Earth. Planet Earth is in the milky way galaxy...

Know where you are yet? :roll:

Obviously sarcasm is lost on you :roll: :wink: :roll:

Cet uniforme est raté. Espérons que l'équipe sera tout le contraire de celui-ci.

Franchement, on aurait pu mettre un peu de style dans le lettrage du mot Alouettes, et pourquoi Diable! fallait-il enlever Montréal pour faire place à ça?

La prochaine fois qu'un nouvel uniforme sera à faire, que Reebok contact donc un des nombreux designer de talent de Montréal. Ils vont tomber en bas de leur chaise, les Reebokineux.

À propos, avez-vous remarqué? IL est de retour...


J'ai acheté seulement 3 chandails, 4 casquettes et 3 T-shirt, l'an dernier. Avoir su, j'en aurais acheté le double!

PPS Oui, oui! IL est de retour!

... et la voie lactée fait partie du Groupe local,le Groupe local fait partie de l'amas de la Vierge, et l'amas de la Vierge fait partie du super-amas de la Vierge. Pas très original, mais c'est la vérité.

On peut parler de football, maintenant?

I think it was pretty funny.

I believe he wanted to make a joke on the phrase "New Jersey is out..." since on the NHL playoffs New Jersey Devils beat Philadelphia Flyers to make the series 1 - 1, and therefore not out (yet). It is 2 - 1 Devils now.