new jersey , but whitch guy

ok im updating my eskie fashion with a new jersey but ive spent two weeks thinking on whitch one to get,

Ricky Ray- meh i love the guy BUT EVERYONE HAS A RAY JERSEY

aj gass- maybe but he will retire soon

maybe a morgan one, but he wears number 2 and thats gizmo’s number

im stumped…anyone have an idea of a good eskimo to get for a jersey

which jersey are u getting?..white, green or yellow?

thats another problem.....i cant choose that either lol...i thnik probably green.

just dont go with yellow

First, I am generally fairly lenient regarding spelling.
I assume typos, and allow for the fact that people really are lousy spellers.
However, some Eskimo players may be witches, but I do not know which ones they are.
Or try this.
Which witch is a good witch, and which witch is a bad witch?
Anyway, whitch is not a typo.

As for the Jersey, who do you like?
It should be that simple. Maybe wait to see who actually makes the team?
And don't be a bandwagon jumper, but don't avoid a player number just because you want to appear NOT to be a bandwagon jumper.

And avoid the bright gold.
That IS the most repulsive colour on gods green earth for a jersey....
Get the green....

go for Fantuz. He's young, Canadien and improving fast

Well we do know that most(all?) Esk fans are closet Rider fans.....
There will be a million Fantuz jerseys at Taylor Field this year....

Get Ryan Smith on it!

As an Eskimo fan, I'd probably go with Ray, or Tucker. But since those are very common maybe Adam Braidwood.

I always say you should get a legend on your back. so get a gizmo or a Moon or Any of the other legends that the Esks have produced, then you know that when you get the jersey your team won't cut him 3 months later.

That would be a good plan.

Get a DB. Morgan would be a good bet. He's one of the top 4 best DBs in the league.

No, Chris Pronger! :lol:

I'm surprised the '2' isn't retired. But don't get AJ Gass ... he is a disgrace ... I'd say get yellow (I love yellow jerseys, don't ask why) or green, but hey, go for whichever one looks the best to you. And I'd say, if Ray is your favourite player, throw his name on (only if you decide against Smyth or Pronger, though) and don't worry about the fact that everyone else has his jersey, too.

In terms of jerseys, just put your own name on it so it's always relevant. I broke this once to get a D.J. Flick jersey...and he was traded to the Riders one month after I got it.

Braidwood is their best young star it would seem. he should be around for atleast 4 more years unless some sort of issue with managemant, he could leave as a UFA but Edmonton will likely keep him for more then 4 more.

.....I've always found BUYMEBEER on the back of your jersey works well....

....but go for Ray instead, can't go wrong with your franchise player....

13 Larry Highbaugh

RE: This thread:

"new jersey , but whitch guy"

None of these guys play for New Jersey. Sure the Giants may play in the Meadowlands in Rutherford but nobody here....

..or did I miss something? :smiley:

I'd say so too. Unless he tries for the NFL as he almost did last season.

Stanford Samuels corny, you are going to love this guy, if he can stay healthy.