New Jack City: Stamps' offence flush with fresh faces will be previewing the 2021 season, breaking down special teams, defence and offence for all nine teams as they get set to hit the field.

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Sure hope Dickenson and his subordinate coaches have managed to do an even better job of training these young guys as other teams around the league have signed away the Stampeder Vets (mostly Argos in the 1st game). If Calgary can get the win on Aug 7 us fans can relax a bit and just enjoy the ride. But if they don't there are still 13 games left to get jelled and ready for the big game. On with operation Grey Cup in Hamilton. Hard to wait another week for my favourite sport to watch.

Stamps will be a fun team to watch. To be honest, really don't know where they end up. It's a real crap shoot this year. Edmonton should be better with the new coaching staff. Cuts made yesterday show there is a change in "culture". Players got away with arriving late for practices, bad penalties etc., according to rumours at the time. Lemon & Diggs seemed to have figured they had a spot. Oops.

Winnipeg stayed pat except not really. No Medlock, no Mitchell, Harris is hurting as apparently is Adams, their top receiver. They lost 2 All-Stars in Rose & Sayles, lost Maston, lost LaPolice & lost Streveler who was a big help in the run game.

BC has a ton of changes. Riders have been decimated, having a hard time finding veterans to start, never mind backup veteran help.

So, all in all, Calgary doesn't look bad.

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Although I bleed green and white, I've got to tip my cap to the Calgary Stampeders.

For over 15 years, they have set the standard for excellence. They have cornered the market on succession planning, Canadian player development and free agent acquisitions.

The roster losses they have experienced could have destroyed other franchises. Gotta give credit where credit is due. Appears that the Stampeders are reloading for another run.

when I first read this topic title, while still half asleep, I misread the last word. I will leave it to people's imagination :slight_smile:

The Calgary Stampeders are the hallmark franchise in the Canadian Football League. From the top executives to the water boy, any wise CFL fan knows this. I look forward to seeing the young receivers shine into future stars, they will definitely compete for first place in the mighty west, with the greatest show on turf. Bo Levi Mitchell and company can count on Lucky 7th year starter to lead his team in 2021. They will defeat the Argos in Game one ! :star_struck: