new IWS

if they tore down IWS and built a new one with easier 403 access, could they still call it IWS?

i think this would be a good look for a new stadium ( change the purple seats to gold & add a bigger pressbox):

i think this stadium holds 45K…which would be perfect size for a grey cup game in hamilton. and i think, if the ticats had a new stadium, you’d see thier average reg.season attendance go up dramaticlly.

Thoughts on the look?

This kills the sight lines ..

IWS has Best Sight line in all of Football

If they want to refurbish Ivor Wynne, no problem. It's the best stadium in the league to watch a football game. I go there to watch football, not to shop or eat. Keep Ivor Wynne where it is!!

really?...i hear montreal's molson stadium has IWS beat hands down.

Yes, well said.

Taxes are high enough. I don't want to pay needlessly for a new stadium when there are so many neglected services now.

this stadium looks like it has the same sightlines as IWS, so i dont know what your talkin about.

compare this stadium to an ariel shot of IWS...they are the same.

Trust me the add a Track to it..
The Push Fans back
Stay with IWS

Also Prices will go up with new Stadium..
Beer Tickets food Will Go Up..

u said it would ruin the sightlines, and by posting a pic of IWS, i proved u now u go making up things that are not featured in the stadium design ive posted.

were not talkin about a track...or a dome or any other thing u might decide to throw in there to help your argument.

im saying, IF there was a deal for a new stadium, wouldnt u like it to look like the one ive posted? as it keeps a similar look of IWS, and keeps the sightlines intact.

Problem is, that stadium looks fairly old. If we're gonna build a new stadium, I'd want one as advanced as possible. Something along the lines of the Winnipeg proposals. Why build something new, with a design from the 70's?

I like your proposal, drummergod. In the interest of safety, it would likely be adviseable to knock the current IWS down an erect a brand new facility using your proposal.
I can see clearly, that we could maintain our sitelines and have a new facility that doesn't show rusted rebars through the concrete and I'm certain that by now, IWS, as we know it, is also becoming structurally unsound in many other areas.

I am from an engineering background and I would love to see what kind of results some ultrasonic testing would reveal from the current facility.

This city has become famous for waiting too long to do a lot of things, however, and it could be that the ultimate disaster is just around the corner.

Question for the living...

If a new stadium was to be built, in what direction should the field be placed? east/west? north/south? other???? I don't like the effect that prevailing winds create at Ivor Wynne. There is a certain boredom that creeps into games when the winds affect the play.

shouldnt the setting sun not be in the faces of only one team, as it is now?...

maybe the construction of a new stadium should keep that in mind, and have the sun at players sides not thier faces?

Why do you care?

The older baseball stadiums are an attraction: Wrigley, Fenway, Yankee Stadium. One of the biggest complaints about the NHL is how they lost the character of the old rinks in exchange for the new.

Leave IWS alone and let's enjoy her while we can.

why even ask that?

I'm constantly amazed at the number of irrelevant posts suggesting we need a new stadium. Move on. Find a new cause. There's nothing wrong with IWS. In fact, it offers some of the best sight lines in the league. We will all miss her when she's gone.

said as if a new stadium couldnt be constructed with the same sightlines :roll:

maybe cuz some of us are thinking ahead and can see IWS can't last forever...heck, the place is around 80 years old.

im not saying IWS is just sayin , its gonna come down eventually, and it would be nice to have a stadium that looks similar and keeps the current sightlines in mind.

Eventually, sure. Everything we build will come down eventually. For now, there are greater issues. Spending time speculating IWS life expectancy seems frivilous. Why not rehash the ol' DMac versus Brady debate? Less filling...tastes great! Wilma versus Betty. Ginger versus Maryanne. When a tree falls in the forest...Does the light really go out when you shut the refrigerator door? Do fish ever get thirsty?

Hamilton gets a new venue within 10 years or they fold.

Teams are now making 3 million dollar profits with that grey cup game windfall. Many upcomming grey cups have already been set and Hamilton is not one of them and will not be the city to get the 100th.

cap or no cap, Hamilton wont be able to remain competitive or even viable with the way the CFL is progressing and revenues increasing.

Go see a game there and then we can both discuss it intelligently.

Alright then. A good argument has surfaced. I'm not sure Hamilton has to host a Grey Cup to stay competitive. If their bottom line is profitable and competitive without a GC then all's well. However, you make a good point which is refreshing on this topic.