**new INTRO video**

for those who havent seen it, heres the link ( 5th one down ):


i wonder why they still feature footage of guys who are nolonger with the team?...and the old uniforms?

still, its pretty good.

also, theres a new 'we come to play' video...much better than all the others....its the same link above, but first in the list of videos

That is the first time I saw that one and the “we come to play”. Both are GREAT. Now I want to see them on TV see I can see them on a big screen.

I liked them and can`t wait to see them on a big screen under the lights !!!!

I like the "we come to play" one. I think the other one was shown last year. I don't think it is brand new.

it has a date beside it that says its a few weeks old....unless its old and was just recently added to the site?

It was just recently added to the site. It is, however, from last year.

do u think they will have an even better intro vid this year?

I hope so. The videos have been getting better and better. I think the techies are figuring out more and more what the video screen can do.