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It’s long, so I won’t cut and paste.

Lots of expansion talk.

I dunno, Cohon seems to think that we can talk expansion once these new stadiums are in place. I disagree, I think those stadiums would be the RESULT of lots of expansion talk, and not just from us goofs in this forum, but the regular Joes around the water cooler. You can’t expect a rich guy or a politician to stand up by himself and go after a franchise, that’s giving them all the risk.

The CFL needs to add another game to the preseason. We’ve talked about it before, but the third preseason game should be a “Showcase? game in a non-CFL city. There’s plenty of potential cities:

Quebec City

It’ll give the teams another chance to work the kinks out before the regular season, rich guys and politicians a chance to gauge interest, local media will get headlines, fans will get to see CFL action, and all parties will be thinking and buzzing about expansion. This is the kind of broad interest that’ll get rich guys and politicians moving on stadiums. Most importantly, its an effort the CFL can do all on its own, it doesn’t have to rely on anyone else. That means any talk of, “We can’t do anything until someone builds a stadium? is pure crap. This is something they can do, and it would pay huge dividends toward spreading the game.

With attendance going up the last few years, I doubt we'll see any more neutral-site pre-season games. It would cost owners more than they would likely be willing to lose. The only way it would work is if everyone played a third pre-season game, which would mean four games.
I like the idea of connecting stadium construction to commercial development, but you know what the anti-stadium side will say. They will say that stadium builders would be getting special treatment, subsidized by taxpayers, to make it worth their while to invest in building a stadium.
I do wish that the CFL would offer up the opportunity to host multiple Grey Cup games. It would show that the league is truly interested in potential expansion cities. It would also make it easier for politicians who are in favour of stadium construction to make their case to the public. It could be the dealmaker if a situation similar to what is happening in Winnipeg arose in a potential expansion.

That's what i meant, a week of four games total.

pretty boring read.

thanks tho.

Agreed dmont, the league and the commish has to take control
by identifying the city, the potential owner and then go hat in hand to all levels of government requesting equal participation to fund a stadium.
Exactly like what Mr Asper has done in the Peg.
If we wait for the stadium(s) to be built first, well we will all be dead by then.
Mr. Cohon has to be the catalyst to make things happen and NOW.



        10 Team CFL coast to coast

        Two team EXPANSION AT ONCE




          DON`T WAIT DO IT NOW


         The TIME IS NOW!

             CFL FAN HFX.

Wow... four pages... I better set a couple hours aside this weekend. :lol:

If you asking for govt money, forget. No bloody way should that happen. Govt should stay out of it. We the people should make it happen, or not.

MAybe the Government can drop all funding of CBC. Make the CBC fight for their right to exist on our airwaves. With their multiple multi-lingual radio stations and lackluster tv channel. A news hour that has the lowest ratings of any local newscast (at least where I live it does).

Get rid of CBC funding and the CFL suddenly has a lot of potential government money.

FootbalYouBet...the government should stay out of it and we the people should make it happen or not. Well put. Problem is, we the people pay the taxes that gives the government the money. If we the people want it to enough numbers...than the government SHOULD be involved.
The government is there to do what we, the people, want them to do. If we want CFL stadiums...they should play a role in getting us those stadiums.

Thryllin, so...when they stop funding the CBC...and give the surplus money to the CFL...exactly how will we watch the games?
The government funds the CBC, the CBC pays the CFL. So...what you're asking for is pretty much already happening, but this way we get a station to watch lots of hockey and CFL on. And let's not forget...the CBC keeps George Stroumboulopoulos employed...which is what every Canadian really wants.

I am not big at wasting taxpayers money on pro sports, but there is other sport, hockey included, which unifies this country from coast to coast like the CFL and especially at Grey Cup.
In addition, the players are not overpaid bums like all of the other leagues including the NHL.

CFL teams should each play a 3rd preseason game on a neutral site.

Why is the CBC in this?

contrary to what people think, CBC sports is actually a money maker they do not receive Tax payer money, they receive enough money selling commercial time and such on shows like HNIC to make a profit(yes a profit)

Now the big issue with the CBC is they are stupid, in no way should the CBC TV be shut down, simply what the CBC TV should do is be running 24/7.

It's a fairly simply concept that spike, Global, CTV along with other channels use. when you have times(like 2 am to 5 am) in which you have absolutely nothing to show(because CBC doesn't care about people who watch late night apparently)
Put on paid programming(like the knife, grill or w/e specials)
CBC could gain alot of $$ by putting on that paid programming
ALSO put more sports on, CBC sports(hockey/football) gets great viewership meaning more commercial $$ more of that which is on TV the less public money needed to cover CBC radio.

CBC radio is what loses money not CBC TV.
If those two where in fact seperated there would be a huge gap between how much $$ the radio needs and how much $$ the TV needs(from the public)

on the football side for J-93 CBC no longer matters to the CFL as the CFL is not on the CBC next year

however again Football and hockey bring alot of money to the CBC.

yes CBC spent what? 100M(per year) to get the NHL for 5 years(on HNIC) but the CBC is going to make a profit on that after all their expenses(including that 100M) are put together.
If the CBC was in fact smart they would have got off their back sides and done everything they can to make the CFL happy but instead they short changed the CFL by doing things like not presenting post season games(the western ones) in HD, this year not showing the end of the Regina game(the one interupted by the storm) or even giving information of if they would show it(which they did a day late), not giving any real coverage away from the games barely giving a pre-game or giving post game coverage.
Just overal coverage that was very sub-par to TSN even though they did have a solid crew(Walby and Khari will likely get jobs with TSN as they can improve TSN's crews)

This made me laugh.

Now one thing I don't get for all of those who say they are waisting tax payers money.

if I understand this correctly and I do, don't all fans pay taxes on their tickets?

GST + PST(?) + Luxury tax(possibly)?
don't all players pay taxes?
don't all the staff pay taxes?

They do don't they?
this is a business that provides jobs isn't it?

if Halifax was to get a Asper like Stadium(read about aspers proposal to see that)

and the Breakdown in funding is say 30M(fed)/30M(Prov)/30M(city)/10M(private) I know that is a low private $$ amount but it's just an EXAMPLE hopefully the private sector would step up more then that)
For a 30-35K seat stadium.

Going by Aspers own plan a very good portion of the stadium construction costs go back to the government due to taxes the city/prov/feds have on the construction workers pay or construction materials(purchasing set materials)

right there that is money re-absorbed into the system(so to speak)
Now this stadium opens say it has 10 football games a year(without playoffs) + 1-3 concerts a year + socials + meetings(business meetings) + possibly conventions + other possible special events(monster trucks, WWE, maybe a circus or fair?)

just on the football events(providing the community supports it) there are 30K fans paying 20$ tickets 10$ a year that's 300K people paying 20$ meaning 6M in ticket revenue.
varying taxes on that amount add up to 23% in manitoba in the maritimes it's like 24%
so that is almost 1/4 of all ticket sales going back to the Gov(1.4M per year)
now sponsorship is taxed no?
again players salaries(4M = 1M in taxes)
all staff
Concessions + merchandise

if the team makes 14M in revenues it is losing what? 1-2M in taxes(meaning like 12M community owned teams report their revenue after taxes I do beleive as there is no spot where they report the PST/GST or Luxury tax on tickets which are there) now basicly all their expenses(which are 11-13M) are taxed against for 14%(atleast) in the maritimes)

Annual tax contribution from an average CFL team is what? 4M
this doesn't add the bonus of a playoff game or grey cup or people who come into the city/province/country to see a or many CFL games.
or how it is an x-factor for keeping youth in a city. people might not beleive it, but if your left between two cities(say Halifax and St.Johns(Newfie) Halifax has a CFL team, St.Johns has no teams higher then junior hockey taxes are the same, location are basicly the same who do you pick? if your one of the 4-10M Canadians(10-25% of the population) who like the CFL ya go with the one with a CFL team)

now back to the numbers, teams contribute 4M per year(40M extra in economic activity in a grey cup year)

going by the taxes generated from a CFL team they would pay off the stadium in 20 years(alot less when added taxes generated from the construction)(also doesn't count added bonuses from players in the community(living there, extra taxation on via property tax), community service by players, charitable donations by team and/or players)
Now that might seem like a long while but what happens after that 20 years?
there are two ways to look at it, the team will spend the next 30 years putting money in towards a new stadium(occasionally receiving help to fix up the stadium)

atleast the team will be contributing to the city, especially if you add in a few major concerts(like the rolling stones ones) which alone can generate 4M per year(could easily be used as the method to pay off the stadium)

this would be introducing a CFL team to a location is not currently in meaning it has the potential to create alot for that city, not like in Winnipeg where the team/players are already there. Halifax or Quebec City or London or Windsor all jobs(players, execs down to the game day staff) are new taxable positions.

Creating two teams out east also helps the CFL get a much better deal out of TSN/RDS in 5 years as it should greatly help the french TV numbers(quebec city vs. Montreal games) and allowing canadians to have a team to cheer for coast to coast.
right now what? 2.4M maritime fans don't have a team within 7-8 hours range?
That's a big market of CFL fans they make the trek to the grey cup, one would think they would make the trek to a CFL team in their back yard(like with those Rider priders).

if out of that 2.4M only 50K new fans watch the CFL on TSN(2% of the population) that is still a decent increase to TSN's viewership
Quebec in the CFL could easily double RDS's viewership.

meaning that the new contract could be like 20M+ from TSN and 4M+ from RDS(2.4M+ per team)(another solid increase)
what happens to most this money? that's right tax tax tax. Each an every year.
It's no longer tax money from Joe Shmoe is it? nope it looks like it is all tax money from the team going to cover any "handouts" they receive while providing the same benefit to canadians as alot of heritage sites that actually do use up straight cash from the taxpayers.

If you want something to cut so everyone can be happy let's cut welfare(long term welfare) anyone is on it for over 1-2 years they are cut off and shot out of a catapult. lol, or the other option is don't put any money towards prisons.(not the best idea) but the idea would be make the prisons earn money.(sponsorship lol)
Force Prisoners to do work that would then allow the prison to sell a product for $$.
prisoners need to fill up their day and hey everyone wants to buy canadian goods, turn medium security prisons into sweat shops, as I don't expect they are right now, so why not?

What is this all about? creating money to better the lives of honest hard working canadians which yes does include creating sporting facilities like stadiums/arena's.

Both for canadians to play on(CFL stadiums + NHL arena's are used by Junior/University teams) and canadians to fill the stands and watch their fav teams duel it out.(along with provide jobs for canadians as managament/concessions and maintenance)

there are things that can be cut or added to the fed/prov budjets that would allow for construction of these entertainment/bonding locations.

How many places other then CFL or NHL facilities do you get 15K-20K(NHL) or 20K(MTL)-55K(EDM) Canadians bonding for one common goal uniting(possibly into two groups).
It doesn't happen anywhere else, they(the NHL and CFL) are part of the heritage of being a canadian, the NHL and CFL were made in canada, are played largely by canadians are supported mainly by canadians.
why not allow those canadian supporters the ability to watch it coast to coast?

give money to some people who screwed up baddly(possibly by killing someone, assaulting someone or getting knocked up at 16(or younger)( + aren't willing to work 4 shifts at Safeway/sobeys/walmart a week)) instead of giving a whole city of canadians a place to go out and bond.
I know people won't like the idea of taking away from these vital gov services and in no way am I saying all people in those two example area's are really stupid or bad, however a good chunk of them may just be, I am not saying eliminate them, just modify the way in which they work to free up the needed capital to allow for a yearly budget of 20-30M Provincially and 40-50M(atleast) federally to sporting/entertainment facilities

Dmont, taking my idea and not even giving me props? ouch.

Showcase weekend in one or two prospect cities, you know I started that one. tsk tsk.

it does need to be done though, 3 game pre-season with the final week of the pre-season having either a 4 game showcase weekend in one city or a showcase for each division in two cities.

it is best economicly for the CFL to have a showcase in one city(like Halifax) as it lowers the costs of added expanded seating per game + tickets can be sold in packs(like for the hockey tourneys like the worlds, Juniors or world womens)

a 4 game back featuring all 8 canadian teams over the course of 4 days(thursday, friday, saturday, sunday).

All a stadium will need to be is say 20K to be able to atleast cover the costs(not even that much).

the game at Halifax(touchdown atlantic) had what? 12-13K fans(seats) and that was able to cover the costs(which where mainly the extended seating anyways)

Revenues from a 4 game showcase weekend should be pretty good.
Providing the CFL forces teams to be under 55 players(excluding CIS grads(NI rookies)) the game is perfect for teams to play pretty much all starters as a warm up to the season, it wouldn't be like the other games which it's all 3rd stringers fighting to make the team, this would be all about battles between guys who are actually trying fighting for starting spots.

First string QB vs. the backup
Battle for starting OL spots
not who will be the 46th man on the roster but who will be the last few starters(which would be much better battles)

ALSO it allows TSN to give full previews of all 8 CFL teams in full during each of these showcase games, all 4 of these games would be good to put on TSN as really the first week of the season(broadcast season atleast)
it allows TSN to go all out, 4 games in HD with TSN's best crew + a fullout TSN crew(as all games are in the same city)(WITH NO HD BLACKOUTS!!! or regional blackouts unless it is only the host city and no more)
If all teams are kept in that city until Sunday(key things would be no opening games in BC and no Western games(Edmonton/Cal) before the opening week saturday.

However I'd prefer in week 1 all games are played in eastern cities(BC @ TO Friday, CAL @ MTL Sat(3PM Eastern), EDM @ WPG Sat(6 PM central), SSK @ HAM sunday)
*example games it can be any West@East matchup except WPG vs. SSK and MTL vs. BC Labour day reasons

This lessens the hit of Jet lag during week one, teams could basicly stay out east until after week 1(could be used for team bonding as players will be together for that week as there would be no major cuts after this game with the 46 man active roster + 7 man DR, main thing would be(if teams chose to) is sending home injured guys)

first week of the CFL season MUST BE before Canada day weekend for this to work preferably mid June(weekend that has the 14th-17th in it)

Alternate option with the 3 week pre-season

Still keep all teams in that host city(and keep the host city idea) however have it so that all teams have a bye following that final pre-season week, again this allows teams time to bond and really Gel together and again allows teams time to adjust from playing out East(which for say BC is a big time zone change)
although I'd still hope to start the season with east vs. West games(preferably for the first 3 weeks)

with the way final cuts work(getting down to 46 + 7 man DR) getting an extra week of practice in with the actual offencive/defencive units + getting starters healthy(allowing for harder TC's) would be very good.

it's hard to tell your vets to play real hard in TC when they could get any of a number of minor injuries(Hamstring issue, sprain) and mist game 1 of the season putting a bad start to the season.

Just looking at a few teams that came out of TC baddly hurt(Winnipeg and MTL each had some, TO(?) Hamilton had a good amount)

This allows allows the CFL to avoid the worst possible time to start the CFL season(depending how it works out.

if the 3 week pre-season is first week of June(say weekend with May 30th-June 2nd in it) and the bye week is the weekend with June 19th-22st in it then the NHL draft does NOT overlap with the start of the CFL schedule and the CFL season would actually end 1 week earlier then this year.
Use that extra week to build up for the start of the season using the last pre-season week to tease CFL fans and since TSN has no other summer programming(really it's NHL or CFL with a bit of NBA thrown in) the build up for that opening kickoff could be great.
allows for more ticket sales(seasons) merchandise sales, preview previews previews.

looks like a good idea.

You'll notice I said "We've talked about this before..."

Are you sure you came up with the idea? I coulda sworn it was me. Before I give credit to anyone besides me, i demand proof! lol

The CBC's CFL contract is over. OVER.

What about the idea of holding the 4 extra games in 2 cities spread out over 2 weeks? The costs of the temporary seating could be split between the 2 games. It would also give a better indication of potential support for a team in an expansion city as it would have to sell twice as many tickets. TSN could televise one game from each city over the two weekends.

Players would not like the 2 extra weeks deal, 1 week could be worked in(mind you it will be hard enough)

It is possible to play 4 games in 2 Cities over 1 weekend.
But then it waters down the whole saving money on Temp seating.

It is possible to say:
Eastern teams play games in Quebec City(Friday/Sat week 3 of the pre-season)
Western Teams play games in Halifax(?)(Friday/Saturday)

But issue here is that 4 CFL teams don't get on TV during the pre-season(and we all know too well that those team will be the Bombers and Riders + 2 others because small market teams don't get good viewership Supposedly, I'd say Bombers, Riders, Ti-cats and Stamps don't get on TV, unless one is the defending champs)

But then there is still an issue in this division and comparison, because there is no real Western city expansion location(saddly)
Victoria doesn't work, Saskatoon doesn't work. Maybe one as a 12th team, but not as a 9th or 10th team.

it's basicly London, Halifax, Moncton, Quebec and Ottawa.
pretty easy to rotate between those 5.

Now if it's two cities each year that shortens the rotation, which is good and bad.

But if this is going to be done all teams/games should be on TV and all games should be the same week(third pre-season week + last game of the pre-season)

Big Problem is two games in one city doesn't seem to work as well.
4 games you figure out how many hardcore fans are near that city(mind you ya also find out how many hardcore CFL fans there are that will make the drive/fly out to that location)
1 game you find how many possible CFL fans are in the area.
2 games, your somewhere in between.

Although who knows, I just love the idea of a showcase weekend in say Halifax for 08 or 09. Followed by Moncton and Quebec City(unless one/two get a CFL team between now and then)