New Import QBs 2014

Three QBs are reprted to be headed to the CFL reported by Yahoo Sports.

Seth Doege to the Riders Texas Tech starter. 2013 rookie season Falcons PR.

John Beck to the BC Lions BYU starter. 6 seasons NFL back up. 32 years old

Jarrett Lee to BC Lions LSU split time with Jordan Jefferson. 2012 rookie season last cuts by the Chargers

Doege taking a path more like BO Levi and Drew Willy choosing to come to the CFL earlier before exhausting NFL options.
The Riders are not afraid to bring in new talent when it comes do Durants back ups. Willy O'Sullivan, and Sunseri where all newcomers to the CFL with varied expereinces at NCAA and'or NFL/UFL experiences

John Beck will be the 3rd 30 plus year old QB in three years with years of NFL roster time under his belt.
O'Sullivan 2012 Riders back up
Troy Smith 2013 mid season starter #1 going into 2014 with the Als.

Lee also the 3rd LSU QB to the CFL
2012 Jordan Jefferson Als PR
2013 Ryan Perrilloux part of season with Calgary

It’s hard to figure the Lions signing Beck and Lee, with 4 QB already in the system. I had thought Beck might sign in Winnipeg last year with the Crowton connection. Beck might fit the “O’Sullivan” role as an insurance QB, just in case Buck and Travis’ shoulder surgeries didn’t go well.

I have to wonder more now, and we'll see how Doege works out, if given recent issues with spread offence QBs from the NCAA in the NFL we'll see more of them directly in the CFL?

Also true to Trestman's words plus other NFL draft history on QBs, if a college QB does not have a completion percentage of 60 percent how in the world will he complete that percentage at the pro level?

And then considering from there the likes of a Tim Tebow with a high completion percentage in college, there is no re-setting of the throwing motion if it does not have a quick release.

And so a 60% minimum completion percentage in college and quick release are needed at minimum in pro football.

If a spread offence QB like RGIII has agility and speed to go with the solid arm, such a player will attract a lot of attention in draft circles given the shortage at the position. Let's consider of course that the 'healthline' of such QBs is limited in the NFL with plenty of history to back that statement.

QBs with or without agility and speed who operated more out of the pro-set in college seem to find their way in the NFL.

Colin Kaepernick offers an exception after he operated out of the pistol at Nevada given that now he operates heavily out of the pro set, but on the flip side he is inconsistent as a passer though as good as they come in close games down the stretch.

Alex Smith is another exception, for he was a spread option QB in college who has been converted to a West Coast offence QB also operating under centre on most snaps.

If the NFL scouts have gained any wisdom, will there be a more direct pipeline of Big 12 and other spread offence QBs from college to the CFL where the spread offence is the default and from which many concepts were borrowed by American football?

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There just trying out for Pete's and my sakes. CFL STATES all players must have a contract to try out unless they are Jr players or college payers or young players with minor league stats. Doesn't mean they made the team. Most teams will come to camp
with 90 players. Only 45 will be there on starting day. Consider roster, injury list. taxi squad, hidden players etc.

Beck was not impressive at all when he played for Carolina pre-Cam Newton.

As far as Jarrett Lee. I remember the Alabama-LSU national title game. One of the worst football games I've ever watched because I half-believe Jordan Jefferson, the QB for LSU, threw the game. He played that poorly. Chances are he didn't, but watching that game I don't understand how Jarrett Lee was behind him on the depth chart.

I never realized that Smith was so old... He doesnt actualy turn 30 until the beginning of the season, but when you consider that Tracy Ham (a player of similar skill set) willingly took a back seat and rode the bench, at the age of 33. Why are the Als wasting time with a running qb who is already past his prime. If they plan on developing him into a pocket passer, then he still has 6 or 7 years left....Maybe

Qbs are of a different breed and many really do not hit their prime until their late 20's to early 30's aside from the blockbuster rookie NFL draft picks right out of the NCAA.
Smith has stayed very active throughout his career. From his rookie season to 2010 was fully involved with an NFL team through camp and roster spot. 2011 spent his season and TC in the UFL. The UFL was poorly run but did have a lot of talent.
2012 was really the only season where smith was virtually inactive in a football league.
Came in mid season for the Als in 2013 took his time got in shape for a month or so, got on the field for short yardage QB and from what has been said he has earned total respect from all of the players as a leader. His attitude coming to the CFL and wanting to be there is what makes him among those who make it in the CFL and those who do not.

Beck never played for Carolina. He played for Miami, and Washington mainly. Spent time in Baltimore and Houston.

The Riders also recently signed Adam Weber, the guy has a pretty impressive career resume as far as NCAA goes. Sounds like he will be battling it out with Doege and Sunseri for the #2 and #3 roster spots. Sunseri has the edge being in our system last year but by no means is his position guaranteed.

Edmonton also signed an interesting guy...Pat White. He had a great NCAA career at West Virginia with NCAA record of 4 straight bowl victories as starter. He had some success in NFL with Miami mainly running the wildcat. Athletic lefty.

Thanx for the upstate. I remember him running the wild cat. Hope his arm is better though or he won't last long in Edmonton. I would like to see him succeed of corse though

What ever happened to Zambransky? These guys are a dime a dozen.

Yes there are a lot of them I agree. I always felt j.z wasn't given a real fair shake.... But that was the start of Edmonton going through lots of coaches and such. new coaches and gms want there own guys. and the cfl is no known for having patience to develop players... Especially ones with previous pro experience.