New Home for the Argo's?

With the talk in the media over the past few months as to weather MLSE will buy the Argo's from current owner David Braley or maybe Tannenbaum will and will they locate the team to the BMO Field, will they get their funding to expand or not and so many soccer fans not interested in having the Argo's move in to BMO why docent the team or new owners when a deal is finally done build a Football Stadium on the current grounds of the Centennial Park Stadium in Rob Ford's neighbourhood of Etobicoke?

The Centennial Park area is huge, currently has a an Artificial Turf Football Stadium with a capacity for 2,200, enough room and space to build a new 30,000 seat stadium easily, TTC at the door step, lots of parking, Go Transit and Pearson Airport is five minutes away or maybe this idea just makes too much sense and we can't have any of that now can we?

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And who would pay for it? Won't be government money once the poop hits the fan over costs overruns on Pan Am relate sports facilities - and the business case just isn't there for building just for the Argos in Toronto.

The have a home. They're playing in it. And now they're getting a new practise facility. What else do they need?

a new home by 2017 at the latest. (RC eviction date)

I don’t believe they’re going to be evicted though…

I do.

Once the grass goes in they are done like dinner.

Is the grass going in though?

If they do have to move out of Sky Dome, their rightful home, then that Etobicoke location would be perfect.

and make way for a expansion team in Toronto east :wink:


I don’t think Centennial is a good location.

It’s not very close to the TTC. It’s not near a major highway, so forget about good exposure for naming rights and advertising. There’s only one point of access from Renforth Drive, which has only a 40kph speed limit because it’s sandwhiched between two schools.

The only thing that makes it different from any other awful location is that there’s a stadium there. The stadium is bare-bones and Spartan. Besides a flat piece of ground for a field, there’s nothing in the stadium that could be repurposed for a professional football team. It would have to be torn down and started from scratch, making Centennial just another awful location.

A brand new stadium for the Argonauts is a nice fantasy, but in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t make a lot of sense to have a beautiful modern facility to house one professional team for ten home games plus playoffs. It makes a ton of sense for Canadian football teams to share facilities with universities and/or professional soccer teams, which is most likely what will happen in Toronto…

… however, as long as we’re dreaming, Woodbine is by far the best location for a new stadium. It’s a huge piece of land, plenty of room for retail and mixed-use, plenty of private and public will to see redevelopment, right beside Highway 427, has multiple points of access, would have access to TTC through the new Union-Pearson line.

Why start a new topic on this boring subject??? Why bring this up again and again and again.
You are going to get the same answers as in all of the other threads - - no the government will NOT fund another stadium in Toronto, NO there are no private investors out there wanting to spend $200 Million to build a stadium for a money losing team that only plays 9 games a year.
Yes, there are places to build a new stadium, yes Hamilton could have built a stadium in a better location if the money was available

No level of government is giving $150M+ to build the Argos a new stadium. It is BMO or bust.

I agree with most of the comments above. The cost to build upgrade Centennial to a CFL venue would be a non-starter. The fund gap is much much smaller for BMO.

I wonder how it makes sense to build football stadiums in Ottawa, Winnipeg and Regina, etc, but not in Canada's largest city? Once Rogers plants grass at Skydome, Toronto will be the largest city in North America without a football stadium. That's not exactly "World-Class."

Some talk about all this money "governments" have spent on stadiums in Toronto. Can you name some? Let's see...Skydome, 30 years ago, which will no longer accommodate football...and BMO in 2006 (which got about $20 million from the city and province) and is a soccer-only facility...but now the cupboard is bare?

The province somehow found $2.5 billion to host a regional summer games, which will last 2 weeks, but can't afford $63 million to build another BMO-type stadium in the GTA , so the Argos, university and high school football would have a football facility to play in for the next 50 years or so?

So it makes sense for Toronto to lose it's football team because governments refuse to finance a stadium (which would be paid back over 30 years through HST, facility seat fees, parking, etc.) but it makes sense in Regina, Winnipeg and Ottawa? That makes little sense to me.

But all those other places - including THF here in Hamilton those stadiums were/are not being built just for 9 CFL games. They are ‘the’ venue in those cities to host a soccer team for 20+ soccer games, major concerts, rugby and a bunch of other events or to attract major events like a Grey Cup and the tax revenue those generate. Toronto already has the venues for those other things and because of that there is no way the Argos will get government funding for a go alone stadium.

Given how often the Argo's are called a "905" team, would THF be an option?

Maybe that is a stupid question. :slight_smile:

Since when is Toronto a " World Class" city?

Well seeing how Canada is constantly in the top 5 in the world liveability index and Toronto surpassed MTL in the late 1960’s as Canada’s metropolis, I’'d pen the date around Jan 1, 1968.

yes, stupid question

by Xvys » Wed Aug 20, 2014 12:38 pm
I wonder how it makes sense to build football stadiums in Ottawa, Winnipeg and Regina, etc, but not in Canada's largest city? Once Rogers plants grass at Skydome, Toronto will be the largest city in North America without a football stadium. That's not exactly "World-Class."

Xvys, So True, Believe me when I say the BIG thing lacking in Southern Ontario and especially the GTA is any kind of a Vision for the CFL No one has it, other cities Ottawa, Regina, Vancouver and other CFL cities all have the people who stand behind their product and teams but not the GTA, Hamilton is still trying to figure out if their new stadium is open or not and their team has only been without a home now for nearly two years. The Lease is up at the Roger's centre in 2017 and Roger's wants the Argo's the heck out, you can dream all you want Argo fans about staying at the Roger's Centre it's not going to happen and BMO the TFC Fans don't want anything to do with the Argo's but can you blame them.

Nope it's find somewhere else or BUST, Now I can see why Cohon wants to move on.