New Here

Hi Everyone, I just registered here to the fourm & I am looking forward to the upcoming season, any chance we will get Montford back :?:


I like the guy, but I hope not - he's still got some stuff left, but not likely enough to justify the price tag or a multi-year contract. It would be a band-aid, and a band-aid in a place we don't need it - the front four was the one bright spot on defence last year.

Joe was and is my favourite player to wear the black and gold; however, I agree with section8 that we couldn’t get him for a fair price, and he’s already said he wants to play for the Riders.

Yeah he's a little costly but he's worth every penny in my books.. Is my favourite cat... But if he wants to play for the riders then that'd would do them alot of good and improve the riders..

he was good but hes just loosing his grip, still alot of gith left in him but i wouldnt be suprised if joes heads so Sask for a look, although the idea of bringing montford back would be somthing else.

move him to De, have cheatwood play LB things could would be intersting