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Been a fan since 2004, and actually have a funny reason for being so, which i would like to share

I am originally from England, now living in London, Ontario, but before, i was living in Richmond Hill. I moved to Canada in 2004, in the summer. I am a big fan of the NFL (Miami Dolphins to be precise), and had never heard of the CFL, my 1st experience of it was watching the game on CBC one saturday afternoon (I miss the CFL on CBC....)

Anyway, seeing as I was in Richmond Hill, i decided to attend a game, and as I was in the GTA, i naturally went to the Argos....So, i ordered a ticket online, and went to go pick it up at the box office. When i got there, i was told they had no record of my transaction....Well, whatever, i bought a ticket there so i could see the game. However, when i got home, i found out my credit card HAD been charged that original ticket. So, i went back to ask for a refund.....they wouldn't give it me.

Luckily, Visa gave me a refund, but, i said i would cheer on the local rival out of protest, which lead me to cheering on the Ti Cats, and I have never looked back. I love this team, I never miss a game, the ONLY game I have missed at Ivor Wynee was in 2006 when I had to rush back to England for a family emergency, even then I still watched the game thanks to a friend and a webcam next to the TV....I love the team so much so that last summer i went out and got this done


wow die hard, i like you.. lol glad to have you abord!

I'm not much for tattoos...but that looks great.

Great story.

Say what you will about the updated logo, but it probably works better as a tattoo than the old one...

where did you get it done ??

Welcome to the forum, and great looking tattoo!

I look forward to seeing your future post on here.

Great story!

I’m surprised someone hasn’t brought up the old logo yet.

Welcome to the “team”.

Welcome to the site.

Cute story, Sammy! Hope to hear more from you on the sight.My wife and I are currently waiting for a great friend and his wife to visit and stay for dinner. They are originally from London Eng. and he and I shared season tickets together for many years. He remains an avid Cat fan, the same as me and loves to say Oskie wee wee with his cockney accent.

This evening will be filled with Ti Cat chat for both of us.

Welcome aboard!

Welcome Sammy!

at a tattoo parlor in Oshawa, where i lived before London

Welcome to the forum sammy

Welcome aboard mate.