New Helmets?

I noticed the Blue Bombers had no logo on the Helmets for the first Pre Season game. Any herd about new helmets this season?

just a preseason thing. they haven't had logos all preseason in camp.

I would love to see the CFL in Quebec City! The Nordiques need to make a comeback somewhere!

I second that nomination…you copycat.

....the reason behind this is strange...rumour has it that many of the BB rookies from the states were brought up to Canada en masse and blindfolded....they had no idea where they were going...Taman simply assurred them they were going to a bonafide football camp and if they made the team they would get some money sure but also all the fudgesicles they could eat EVERY DAY....but Taman is a smart fellow and he knew that revealing the location of this training camp and the team these players were trying out for would result in he had all the logos removed from CanadInn Stadium, the locker rooms and the players uniforms and so far all these rooks know is they are playing for The Gold....shhhh, don't say anything...a mass exodus of big sweaty footballs players running for the North Dakota border would be downright frightening for anyone travelling on highway 75...